Schlorf, Chief of Toledo, Ohio

Schlorf, Chief of Toledo, Ohio

Fred T. Schlorf, District Chief of the Toledo, Ohio, Fire Department since 1927, has been appointed head of the department to fill the vacancy caused by the retirement of Chief Fred Myers.

Chief Sthlorf was born May 1, 1880, and was appointed to the Fire Department on January 19, 1902. He was promoted to a Lieutenant in 1909; Captain in 1914, and District Chief in 1927. As department head he will receive $3,205 a year.

Chief Myers and several other members of the department were forced to retire because of a recent city ordinance that members of the Fire Department must retire at the age of sixty-five. In this manner, Chief Myers brought to a close a lengthy career in the fire service.

Other promotions made were the appointments of Capt. Harry bish, Capt. Joseph McLaughlin and Capt. Patrick Didy to the rank of District Chief.

Chief Fred T. Schlorf

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