School House Destroyed in Scranton

School House Destroyed in Scranton

Three alarms were necessary before a fire which broke out in a school in Scranton, Pa., was brought under control. Five firemen were injured, more than twelve overcome by smoke, and property valued at $200,000 destroyed.

Fortunately the fire occurred at a time when the children were out of the building. Otherwise, it is believed that there might have been a high loss of life. The one who discovered the blaze telephoned the information to the department, and a box alarm followed. Within five minutes, a second alarm was turned in which brought out Chief Peter J. Rosar and additional companies. As the flames spread a third alarm was sounded.

Moors showed signs of giving way. Firemen who had ventured inside the building were ordered back. Even though there was a possibility that the walls might collapse, firemen who were directing streams from all four sides, worked close up to the walls.

The school was built thirty-seven years ago. The building was of brick construction with four rooms on each of the floors. The last school building fire in the city happened fifteen years ago.

There were nineteen companies working at this fire; four 750-gal ton pumpers, one 900-gallon pumper and two 1,000-gallon pumpers, nine hose trucks, one 85-foot aerial ladder, one 75-foot aerial ladder and a city service truck.

Aerial Ladder in Use at the Benjamin Franklin School in Scranton, Pa.

In all 9,750 feet of 2 1/2-inch and 1,000 feet of 3-inch rubber lined hose were used. The department placed a total of 659 feet of ladders in position.


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