Schrom, Chief at Washington, D. C.

Schrom, Chief at Washington, D. C.

Charles E. Schrom, has been appointed Chief Engineer, Washington, D. C., Fire Department to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Chief George S. Watson who died of a heart attack at the Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, recently.

Chief Schrom joined the department March 8, 1892, and resigned four months later. He again joined on January 1, 1893. He was promoted to Assistant Foreman on March 1, 1896, and to Foreman on July 1, 1900. Advancement to Captain came on July 1, 1904, and to Battalion Chief Engineer on November 4, 1921.

He was awarded a ribbon decoration for his rescue work following the collapse of the roof at the Knickerbocker Theatre on January 28, 1922. Chief Schrom was appointed alternate chairman or member of the Fire Department Trial Board to serve in the absence of the regularly appointed Chairman or a member. He was named a member of the Policemen and Firemen’s Retiring and Relief Board on January 4, 1927. On July 1, 1931, he was promoted to Deputy Chief Engineer.

He had an active part in maintaining order during the Hunger March of December, 1932. On August 22 of last year, Chief Schrom was appointed Chairman of the Fire Department Trial Board.

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