Ponn Conquest Goes the Distance and Beyond at Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge

Looking for a hose that flows a tremendous amount of water? Looking for a hose that is unmatched in durability? Looking for a hose that defines kink resistance? Ponn Conquest from All-American Hose has been meeting those challenges every day. And, that’s why we asked the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge and their participants to put Ponn Conquest to the test–and they did.

As a result, they’ve named Ponn Conquest the official hose for all Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge and Combat Challenge World Series events. The largest firefighter participation performance platform in the world, the Firefighter Combat Challenge has been a respected name in fire service since its inception more than 25 years ago and is regarded as the world’s most challenging event for firefighting endurance. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with All-American Hose. What could be better than having the best fire hose put through the rigorous challenges that America’s Bravest face when they answer a call?  We’ve found that Ponn Conquest is the only fire hose that can meet the incredible durability and performance issues of the Challenge. We look forward to a long and beneficial partnership with All-American Hose,” said Chuck DeGrandpre, Operations Manager, On Target Challenge, Inc.

All-American Hose proudly donated sixty 50-foot lengths of 1¾” Ponn Conquest. These hose lines were originally placed in service as part of a national marketing partnership at the SFCC U.S. Nationals in October 2011. This very same hose has been in service through the SFCC U.S. Challenge Nationals and World XX Challenge events–equating to nine consecutive days of intense competition with more than 1,350 competitive runs on a grueling event course. “We told the staff at the Challenge not to hold back. We wanted the participants to put our hose to true fireground conditions tenfold,” said Russ Miller, Director Sales and Marketing, All-American Hose.

Let’s try and put that into perspective to give you an idea of just how tough Ponn Conquest hose has been through these Challenge events. To date, each length of Ponn Conquest has been through a remarkable 1,350 runs at 75 feet each. That’s an amazing 101,250 feet that the original Ponn Conquest has been pulled, poked and dragged–that’s almost 20 miles. And, it needs to be understood that’s only half the actual distance, as each length of hose needs to be dragged an additional 75 feet each time to be reset for the next run. So, in fact, when you calculate in all the resets, that almost doubles the distance yet again to–40 miles of abuse on brushed concrete and abrasive asphalt!

It took the best hose company to manufacture the best hose line in the industry. And,

All-American Hose has done that and more with Ponn Conquest. The patented thru-the-weave extruded polyurethane liner is smoother and enhances water flow while affording the lowest friction loss in the industry. This high quality, double jacket hose is made from 100% high tenacity spun polyester with an outer jacket covering an extruded-thru-the-weave polyurethane inner hose that improves packability and provides unmatched kink resistance. And, finally it’s infused with Dura-Cote, a force applied and cross-linked hose treatment that increases abrasion resistance to well over 10 times that of uncoated hose, increasing burn resistance by over 500% and virtually eliminates water pick-up. Ponn Conquest is available in seven vibrant colors for increased visibility.

“The relationship with All-American Hose is fantastic a fit,” said Paul Davis, President and founder of the SFCC.  “The team at All-American Hose understands the unique challenges of firefighters protecting lives and property. Their Ponn Conquest is made in America for firefighting professionals who put their lives on the line every day.”

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge has been and will continue to track the run numbers and miles on their web site (http://www.firefighterchallenge.com/) to allow competitors and other visitors to see just how far 1¾” Ponn Conquest hose will go.

All-American Hose president Dan Corner stated, “Simply put, we will continue to design, engineer and manufacture the most recognizable brands in the industry including Snap-tite, Ponn and National Fire Hose.  Our commitment is to be the best hose company in the world…supporting firefighting and industrial professionals throughout world. Working with the Combat Challenge will help take All-American Hose to a new level in many ways. We plan to continue to support the Combat Challenge and the participants. A major component to our product research and development process is simply listening to firefighters, dealers and partners. We get incredible ideas and feedback about what they need and prefer, and we’re nimble enough to be able to respond swiftly.  As a company, we believe that’s a big advantage.” 

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