Searchlight Car Gives Valuable Aid

Searchlight Car Gives Valuable Aid

Flood illumination is now being considered by many fire departments. The electric lights help in placing ladders, rescue work and in transmitting signals from the men at the fire to those near the apparatus.

Hempstead, N. Y., has been most fortunate in designing such an outfit. August Oman, an officer in the department, helped to design and build the equipment. In consists of an ordinary truck on which is mounted a Universal 4 k. w. electric plant which generates 110 volts for operating the flood lights.

These lights consist of one 1,000-watt portable flood light, one 500-watt swivel light, six 250-watt hand lights and three 250-watt portable lights. The lights are connected to the switchboard of the lighting plant by means of cable which is mounted on wheels for convenience in handling.

Apparatus Equipped with Universal Lighting Plant to Operate Flood Lights at Hempstead, N. Y.

Over 1,600 feet of cable is used, and for convenience, the cable is made up in fifty foot lengths similar to the hose. The cable has one, two and three-way kleagle plugs.

This apparatus has been exhibited about New York city and it has evoked a great deal of interest.

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