Seattle Conference Getting Close

Seattle Conference Getting Close


From the Publisher’s Desk

It’s time to ring that bell again, that bell that turns out all hands for the anannual conference and exhibition of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. This one, the 97th annual, will be held in Seattle and hosted by Chief Gordon Vickiery.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, we urge you to go west. Seattle is truly America’s most beautiful city, a lush green-leafed and green-grassed town that is bathed by the soft mists of Puget Sound and the Pacific.

It is also a hustling town and a swinging town that boasts of a conference center that is unmatched in this country. The Seattle Center was the site of the 1962 World’s Fair and it was left practically intact when the fair closed.

The exhibits will be displayed in the Coliseum, which is part of the complex that covers an area of 140,000 square feet with head room for the longest aerial equipment. What is equally important, all conference meetings will be held in the North Court Complex that is just 200 feet from the Coliseum exhibit area.

There is no question that the annual IAFC conference is the most important conference for the fire service. In the last several years, each conference has broken records for attendance and the number of exhibitors. There is every reason to believe that the Seattle conference will do the same.

Of course, there is a reason for this. More and more fire chiefs are realizing the benefits that can be obtained by attending. The formal conference in itself makes it worthwhile for a chief to attend. But the opportunity to get together in a quiet corner with his peers provides for an exchange of information—often confidential—that a chief can get nowhere else.

And without question, there is no other conference that provides the variety and number of exhibits on fire fighting equipment and supplies that the IAFC does.

A chief will only have to stroll around the Coliseum to see—as large as life— any piece of equipment that he is interested in. And chances are he will find something new and different to spark his interest.

We made our reservation for a booth in Seattle way back in last October. We are making our hotel reservations right now. Hurry up and get yours in before it’s too late.

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