Second Short Fire Course Held at Ames

Second Short Fire Course Held at Ames

The second annual short course for firemen was conducted at the Iowa State College at Ames, Ia., on October 26-29. A large number received the benefit of this course and expressed the desire that this form of instruction for the firemen be continued.

On the first day of the course, Anson Marston, Dean of Engineering, welcomed the firemen who came for the course. He was followed by J. A. Tracy, state fire marshal, who spoke on “How Iowa is Meeting the Fire Menace.” Harry K. Rodgers of the Western Actuarial Bureau, better known for his activities as fire clown addressed the men on “What Training the Fireman Should Have.” He was followed by a talk and demonstration on the first aid and resuscitation by a first aid crew of the Des Moines Fire Department.

On the second day H. W. Hartupee presented a paper on “The Hazards in Types of Building Construction,” and there was a round table discussion on the paper. Clarence Goldsmith, assistant chief engineer of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago, explained how to handle and store combustibles, t hief Callahan and some of his men gave a demonstration on how to handle ladders and other fire equipment. Harry K. Rodgers spoke on the “Modern Methods of Fire Fighting.” How bort Dodge is reducing its fire losses by salvage work was explained by Chief Callahan, and a demonstration was staged in first aid work.

Harry J. Corcoran, chief engineer of the Iowa Insurance Service Bureau at Des Moines, Ia., told “What the firemen Should Know About Fire Streams.” The topic of “Modern Use of Chemicals in Fire-Fighting,” was ably handled by O. R. Sweeney, head of the chemical engineering department at the state college; round table discussion followed.

J. E. Florin, superintendent of the Fire Prevention Industrial Commission of Wisconsin talked on what Wisconsin is accomplishing by fire prevention inspections. The Foamite Childs Company arranged a demonstration on handling oil fires. Mr. Goldsmith gave a talk on the “Proper Selection of Fire Fighting Equipment for the Small Town and City.” Mr. Corcoran presented a paper on “The Place for Fire Protection Appliances,” and following this there was a round table discussion.

The Pyrene Company of Kansas City, Mo., arranged for a demonstration; Chief Tiller of Waterloo demonstrated the use of ladders and hose in getting to the various parts of a burning building. H. D. McDonald, department manager for the Grinnel Company, explained the workings of the sprinkler system. Assistant Chief Warren Taylor of Des Moines outlined the fire fighting problems of that city.

Problems of the volunteer fire department were discussed by Chief W. H. Frazier of Webster City and others. Those who attended expressed the fact that they were well rewarded for the time spent.

*Reprinted from the N. F. P. A. Quarterly.

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