Service When It Was Needed

Service When It Was Needed

A delivery engineer employed by the W. S. Nott Company had an interesting experience as he was driving a machine to the point where it was to be delivered.

At a point in the road he saw a Chevrolet truck loaded with poultry, and the driver frantically trying to extinguish a fire underneath the hood of the truck.’ He tried to put the fire out with sand and gravel but was not successful.

The fire apparatus was one fitted with a chemical tank and booster arrangement. It was not difficult to extinguish the gasoline fire with a stream supplied by the booster tank. It seemed as though the small stream of water under high pressure, blew the fire out.

Hartland, N. Y., Considers Fire Plans—A meeting has been held in Hartland, N. Y., to consider the matter of fire protection.

Oppose Consolidation of Stations—Considerable opposition has developed in Omaha, Neb., against the consolidation of stations No. 3 and 4.

Connellsville, Pa., to Vote on Station—At the November election, Connellsville, Pa., will vote on the plan to erect a central fire station for $50,000.

More Men Urged for Providence, R. I.—Appointment of twenty-four additional men in Providence, R. I., and the purchase of a 750-gallon pumper has been urged at a meeting of the city council.

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