Services Consolidated at Henderson, Nev.

Services Consolidated at Henderson, Nev.

Fire, police, and emergency ambulance services in Henderson, Nev., have been consolidated in a new Department of Public Safety.

Wallace E. Newcomb, retired Los Angeles Fire Department Battalion Chief and former head of that department’s famed Mountain Patrol, is the Director of Public Safety.

Henderson is Nevada’s third largest city with a population of approximately 14,000 persons.

The Henderson Department of Public Safety is made up of 23 members. Under the Director of Public Safety there are two chiefs, one for fire and one for police. Only other ranking officers are the assistant to each chief and the engineer in the fire department.

Personnel work 40 hours a week on a three platoon basis. Each shift has at least one supervisor on duty and he has full charge.

The Health Department is also under the Director of Public Safety and members of that department may also be assigned to fire or police duties.

According to Director Newcomb, 25 citizens have been formed into an auxiliary. They have regular tours of duty and bring the total number of men beyond requirements of the Underwriters for each shift.

An extensive training program of four two-hour classes per week is used. All D.P.S. members plus all auxiliaries are required to attend the training classes. All are trained in all three phases of fire fighting, police, and rescue work.

Most of the material used in training is from the L.A. Police and Fire Departments. Red Cross first aid instruction is also given.

The D.P.S. operates one emergency ambulance.

Henderson now has one fire station and voters have just approved issuance of $1,500,000 in bond to build another station and improve to water system. A 1000 gpm triple is on order.

Director Newcomb points out the fire record in Henderson is very low. As of October 1 there were only 61 fires, only one where loss exceeded $10,000. Fire prevention activities are also carried out by D.P.S. personnel.

Auxiliaries serve for 25 cents an hour and Director Newcomb says they do their job very well.

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