She Wanted ’em Long

She Wanted ’em Long

A lady in Vicksburg, whose principal pastime is to visit the dry goods stores and “shop,” about three times a week, at each trip setting the salesmen in a frenzy of despair, happened to go into a store the other day, and after her usual inquiries regarding laces, ribbons, silks, and the many other articles sho had never thonght of purchasing, inquired:

“Have you some real nice hose? ”

The gentlemanly clerk answered, *• Yes, madam. We have something very new ; something in the way of ‘ Balbriggin,’ ‘Skyriggin,’ ‘8kipriggin ’ and ‘ Phenix ; ’ ” and he Vegan to pull down the various sorts. “ How do those suit, madam ? ”

The lady examined them closely and, as was ! her usual custom, found nothing that pleased her. Said she:

“Oh, dear! 1 want something longer than these. Haven’t you some that are longer ? I —ah—I’m sorry to disturb you, but these are not the right length.”

“Ah, certainly,” said the salesman. “We have the celebrated ‘ Cardigan,’ and the ‘ Pelagaso,’ the longest hose made. Here they are. I think tnese will suit. Shall I make it a dozen of the * Pelagasos,’ madam ? ”

“ These are not long enough. I want something—I—ah—yes, something a little

The clerk knowing the lady could not be suited, remarked as he placed the hose back into their : boxes :

‘*They have some very long hose at the Phoenix Engine House; if you’d apply there, yon might-”

Bnt the lady had left in disdain.

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