Shelby County (TN) Fire Department Selects PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System

Locution Systems, Inc. (, the provider of the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System for fire and EMS departments, announced that the Shelby County (TN) Fire Department has chosen to deploy Locution Systems’ PrimeAlert® as its new fire station alerting system.

The Shelby County Fire Department has 15 fire stations that cover 763 square miles and serves a population of 938,000. The Shelby County Fire Department will deploy both versions of PrimeAlert® station alerting: 1) Internet Protocol (IP)-based station alerting using a high-speed data network to transfer emergency dispatches from their 911 communications center to the department’s fire stations; and 2) PrimeAlert® Radio –automated voice alerting via the department’s emergency radio system to first responders already in the field. They use the Motorola Premier One computer-aided-dispatch (CAD) system.

In addition, the Shelby County Fire Department also will install a variety of PrimeAlert® fire station alerting technologies in their fire station that are to speed response times and to improve the health and safety of first responders. Shelby County will deploy the following additional fire station alerting technologies and devices that are part of the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System.

Shelby County will install:

  • PrimeAlert® LED Reader Boards: Wall-mounted LED readers boards programmed and tied into the PrimeAlert® station alerting system in order to display emergency dispatch information visually while the dispatch is being broadcast over the fire station’s public address system;
  • PrimeAlert® Response Timers: Wall-mounted digital timers which automatically start counting up in seconds once the dispatch arrives to show first responders the time it’s taking them to reach the apparatus bay;
  • PrimeAlert® Thermal Printers: High-speed, rip-and-run printers that print out the emergency dispatch information being vocalized over the fire station’s PA system in seconds.
  • PrimeAlert® Night Vision Illuminators: An automated fire station lighting system that “washes” the hallways with red light so that first responders can safely navigate to the apparatus bay while preserving their night vision, for emergency dispatches that arrive after dark, or in the middle of the night when the fire station personnel are sleeping.

“The PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System from Locution Systems is a modular station alerting system with five key product categories: Automated Voice Alerting; Fire Station Lighting Systems and Displays; Automated Mechanical Control of fire station bay doors, traffic lights, and stoves; Zoned Alerting to mitigate sleep deprivation in multi-unit fire station; and Fire Station Sound Systems,” said Glenn Neal, Locution Systems president, founder, and chief technology officer.

“Shelby County has chosen to deploy the IP and radio versions of automated voice alerting, along with other devices and systems that help speed response times, and reduce stress and sleep deprivation for first responders – and we welcome Shelby County to the Locution Systems family of fire and EMS departments using PrimeAlert® throughout North America.”


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