short cuts and gadgets

short cuts and gadgets


Grand Rapids rescue unit mounts 1,000-gpm pump, around-the-pump foam proportioning system and 100-gallon foam liquid tank, 15,000-pound capacity toinch 1,000-watt alternator, mobile radio and a large assortment of rescue tools

Peg-Board Keeps Rescue Tools Orderly

Visitors to the forthcoming conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs at Grand Rapids, Mich., will have the opportunity of viewing many new developments in fire apparatus and equipment. A novel idea used by the Grand Rapids Fire Department is well worth a second look.

The rescue squad employs peg-board panels fitted with canvas webbing as a convenient means of storing small hand tools in a neat and orderly fashion. Not only does this method facilitate fast visual survey of the equipment, but it also permits more efficient use of the storage capacity of the vehicle’s compartments. It is a good example of the old master mechanic’s saying, “A place for every tool and every tool in its place.”

Peg boards are attached to interior of compartment doors and permit rapid selection of necessary small toolsAdvantage is taken of full height compartment designed for long-handle tools and other bulky gear. Board holds assortment of wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.

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