Side Dumps on Tankers

Side Dumps on Tankers

Rapid dumping is a prime feature of two 1500-gallon tankers delivered to the Fitchburg Fire Department in Madison, Wis. Three Newton square dumps with drop chutes were used, one on each side and one in the rear. The front dumps are enclosed by the body.

Aluminum treadplate was used, and wood-slat decking protects the top of the tank and the compartments. Connections at the rear allow filling with a 2’/2-inch hose. A valved connection with a Storz fitting also allows the use of a lightweight 4-inch hose with Storz fittings.

Each unit has two compartments, one on each side of the tank, for portable tanks. These compartments have openings at the rear. A plastic water level sight glass extends to the full height of the tank.

Welch Fire Equipment Co. of Marion, Wis., constructed the tankers on 1980 IHC model 1754 chassis. They are powered with 9.0-liter diesel engines and have automatic transmissions.

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