Sight-Saving and Life-Saving Testimonials Shared on Gateway Safety Website

“I believe I am alive because of the protection I received while wearing these safety glasses.” That’s just one comment by an end user of Gateway Safety products, whose sight – and possibly life — was saved by a pair of Varsity™ safety glasses while riding his motorcycle. Traveling at 70 mph, a bird flew directly into his right eye. The force of the impact was so hard the rider blacked out momentarily, but he was able to regain control of the bike and safely come to a stop. The safety glasses stayed in place and did not crack, split or show any damage from the impact. “I truly do appreciate being alive to tell my story,” he says.

More stories like this one are found on Gateway Safety’s website, which now features a “real life stories” page. The page is quickly filling up with impressive stories of Gateway Safety products in action, saving eyes and … even lives.

“We were hoping that this section of the website would help emphasize the importance of wearing safety eyewear, even outside of a workplace setting,” said marketing manager Katie Mielcarek. “But we did not anticipate the caliber of testimonials that would come our way, which are truly inspiring stories about Gateway Safety products.”

The workplace advantages are also evident in other testimonials on the page. “Recently, one of my employees had an accident where a large piece of steel struck him in the face,” starts another grateful testimonial from a contributor in North Carolina. “The doctors have said (that) if not for his safety glasses, his eye would have been destroyed. The safety glasses … did not shatter, but they did bend, absorbing the impact of the blow, as they were supposed to.”

Statements about Gateway Safety product comfort also appear. “These are the lightest, most comfortable safety glasses I have ever seen,” said a fan from Michigan, about the company’s Flight® safety glasses. “I love (them), and so do the guys here at the shop. The SoundOut™ ear muffs work great too, and I will be purchasing several pairs of them.”

Functionality is also praised: “I have never had a pair of safety glasses like the Varsity™ gray anti-fog that lived up to the standards of safety. The best thing is the TRUE anti-fog … other safety glasses say anti-fog but they always fogged up … I have never had the Gateway glasses fog up on me once!”

Gateway invites people to check out the entire page for more real-life testimonials, and to submit additional stories as well. How have safety glasses and other safety-related products had a positive impact in your life? Send an email to: to respond, or use our “Submit Your Story” form on the website.

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