Signal Association Meets in Boston

Signal Association Meets in Boston

A two-dav quarterly meeting of the New England Municipal Signal Association held in Boston on December 12 and 13. Frank Veit, Superintendent of Fire Alarms, Stamford, Conn., presided.

The speakers at the first session, held in the Hotel Kenmore, were Joseph F. Cook, Radio Engineer of the Gamewell Company, on “Police Radio Dispatching”; William F. Franklin, New York, who discussed fire protection from the signaling viewpoint: Joseph Sidall, Secretary, New Jersey Fire Alarm Company, Newark, N. J., who gave a history of auxiliary and ground return fire alarm systems; and W. S. Borden, Manager, Borden Electric Company, New Jersey, who gave a demonstration of a groundmeter. There was a discussion of auxiliary fire alarm systems.

A dinner was held in the hotel, followed by a round table discussion. On the second day the members paid a visit to the new three-told Gamewell fire alarm headquarters in Cambridge, where they were welcomed by City Electrician Timothy C. O’Hearn and James H. McAllister, Assistant City Electrician. The system was explained by Frank R. Bridges. Chief Engineer of the Gamewell Company.

George L. Fickett, Superintendent of the Fire Alarm Division, Boston Fire Department, reported as Chairman of the special committee on shunt master boxes.

After the visit to the Cambridge fire alarm headquarters the members of the association had luncheon at the Kenmore Hotel and then visited the Boston Fire Alarm Headquarters in the Fenway.

The next meeting will be held in Norwich, Conn., in March. At this time there will be demonstrations of joint pole construction and a three fold fire alarm system. Secretary Alfred C. Ames, Superintendent of Fire Alarms, Providence, R. I., is in charge of the arrangements.

A committee has been appointed on joint pole construction composed of Superintendent A. L. Pierce, Wallingford, Conn., and John F. Knight, Springfield, representing the New England Municipal Signal Association; H. T. Jones. Boston, representing the New lfngland Telephone and Telegraph Company; Carl Thomas, representing the New England Power Company; T. N. Bradshaw, of the Southern New England Telephone Company; and O. J. Zweidel, of the Connecticut Power Company.

A combined meeting with the New York State Municipal Signal Association and the New Jersey Municipal Signal Association will be held at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in June.

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