Signalmen Hold 53rd Annual Meeting

Signalmen Hold 53rd Annual Meeting

Nearly 600 members, guests and friends of the International Municipal Signal Association attended its 53rd Annual Convention, held at the Hotel Statler, Buffalo. N. Y., October 4. 5, 6 and 7. The four days were packed with business and social activities—the comprehensive technical program, including panel discussions and symposiums, in particular, being outstanding. As in the past, the meeting was marked by several unusual entertainment features.

Fire Commissioner Masterson and other Buffalo officials welcomed the visitors. Leo H. O’Hara, Superintendent of Fire Alarm of that city was chairman of the technical sessions, which started Tuesday afternoon with an address by Chief Roi B. Woolley, Asst. Editor of FIRE ENGINEERING, on “Teamwork Between Fire Commissioner and Chief, and Superintendent of Fire Alarm Communications.”

Among the other subjects of mutual interest to fire control and communications personnel were: “Essential Elements in Emergency Signalling” by Edward J. McCarthy, Gamewell Company; “Protection Against Hazardous Gases in Manholes” by E. G. Rahill, Chief Engineer, New York Telephone Co., Buffalo; “Radio Zero Hour, July 1, 1950” (a forum discussion), covering these topics: “Why Change Frequency?” E. C. Denstaedt: “National Frequency Allocation Problems”; “Allocations and Operational Problems of the Safety Services,” Lloyd P, Morris, Motorola, Inc.; “Allocations Plans for the Fire Service,” H. A. Friede; and “Plan Your Radio Future Now.”

Ladder Evolutions Photographed at University of Maryland Above are shown the members of the Committee on Evolutions of the Fire Department Instructors Conference, who supervised the shooting of photographs of ladder evolutions at the Fire College of the University of Maryland. Photographs will be produced as a Ladder Manual’ when the work is completed. Shown, left to right, in the illustration are Richard E. Vernor, Director, F. D. I. C.; Emmet, Cox, Secretary, F. D. I. C.; Assistant Chief Lucas, Dayton, Ohio; Chief R. B. Woolley FIRE ENGINEERING; Chief Everett Hudiburg, Stillwater. Okla.; Members of the crew that performed the evolutions; Frank Rothery. Fire Department, Washington. D. C.; Warren Kimball. National Fire Protection Association; W. A. Ross, U. S. Department of Education; W. M. Walton, State Fire Instructor, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Chief James W. Just, Director. Fire Service Training. University of MarylandAt the Convention of the International Municipal Signal Association, Buffalo, N. Y. Seated: William Medlin. Superintendent of Fire Alarm, Atlanta, Ga.; Robert Gaskill, Superintendent of Fire Alarm. Fort Wayne, Ind.; Edward McCarthy, The Gamewell Company; Charles Harris, Superintendent of Fire Alarm. Cleveland, Ohio Standing: William Cagney. Zink Radio; Talley Gunin, and Chief William Hill, Belmont, Mass., President of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs.

The new officers of the Association are: President, Ray J. Myers, Superintendent of Communications, Akron, Ohio; First Vice President, F. O. Goodwin, City Electrician, Newport News, Va.; Second Vice President, Dan C. Wallace, Superintendent, Department of Electricity, Berkeley, Calif.; Third Vice President, Jos. A. Geiger, Superintendent of Fire Alarm, Bayonne, N. J.; Treasurer, Chas. S. Downs, City Electrician, Altoona. Pa., and Secretary, Irvin Shulsinger, New York City.

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