Similar Names Cause One Death

Similar Names Cause One Death

A life was lost at a fire in New Hartford, Conn., recently because of a misunderstood telephone alarm.

New Hartford is served by the Winsted telephone exchange. New Hartford has a Cottage Street and so has Winsted. New Hartford has an active fireman by the name of Calder and so has Winsted.

One morning at 7 o’clock the Winsted Calder’s telephone rang and a woman, in broken English, said there was a fire on Cottage Street and for him to do something about it. He agreed to, and telephoned one of the Winsted firehouses and sent a truck to Cottage Street, Winsted, but no fire was found by the men on the truck.

The woman was satisfied that she had given the alarm properly and in the meantime the New Hartford Cottage Street fire got a good start. Finally the New Hartford firemen responded but by that time the lone occupant of the house, John Sullivan, aged seventyseven, had been burned to death.

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