Simplifying Fire Box Locations

Simplifying Fire Box Locations

In order to make it easier for the residents of Kearny, N. J., to locate a fire alarm box and to eliminate confusion in case of a fire, Chief Knowlton F. Pierce has distributed a fire alarm card to each resident.

The card, printed on cardboard, gives the telephone number of fire headquarters in large type and has space on which to enter the location of the nearest fire alarm box. In addition, there is the location of all fire alarm boxes in the Kearny-Arlington district and the numbers. The following instructions are given:

“Study out your own conditions and what you should do at the time of fire, either in the daytime or nighttime, and decide the easiest and quickest way out of building and the quickest way of calling the fire department.

“Don’t build fires in your yard or on vacant lots. Don’t use gasoline for cleaning purposes in your home. Don’t use matches in clothes closets. Don’t let rubbish accumulate in your home or yard.”

The resident is urged to post the card in a conspicuous place to serve as a daily reminder and for reference.

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