Sioux Falls Has a New Fire Station

Sioux Falls Has a New Fire Station

One of the finest fire stations in the northwest has recently been completed at Sioux Falls, S. D., and will in a short time be occupied as the headquarters of the fire department. The cost of the building complete has been $45,000, and it affords a splendidly equipped structure for housing the department of that growing city.

The dimensions of the building are 90 feet long and 60 feet wide, with two stories and a basement which has a surface outlet at the rear of the building. The ceiling of the first floor is 16 feet high. The front part of this floor, which will be used as the apparatus room, is 45 by 38 feet. There are three doors opening upon a concrete driveway to the street. The floor of this room is of concrete, which is also used for the flooring of the stable at the rear.

The building is of Sioux Falls granite with white trimmings, and it has been nearly a year and a half in the course of construction. The grounds about the building are to he made attractive, and a force of men are now engaged in grading and laying sod.

The fire alarm equipment is located in the front part of the apparatus room together with electric switches for opening the stable doors and lighting the building. The stable, which runs across the entire rear of the building, is provided with 10 stalls and a box stall, which can be used for treating injured or sick horses. The stable is so arranged that it can be easily flushed and kept in the best possible sanitary condition.

The office of the chief of the department is also located on the first floor and is provided with a separate street entrance. To the rear of the office of the chief is the tower, which is 80 feet in height. The fire bell is located in the tower, a«d the tower is arranged for the draining and drying of fire hose. An office and quarters for the assistant chief have been provided on the second floor, near the quarters of the men. Three brass sliding rods lead to the apparatus room. The building also contains a reading room, dressing room and a gymnasium adjoining the hath rooms. Room for the storage of 50 tons of hay and 1,400 bushels of oats is also provided in the loft, which is over and directly accessible to the stables. The new building will be opened with a reception, which will take place as soon as the department has taken possession of the building.

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