Siren Starts Minneapolis Dance

Siren Starts Minneapolis Dance

With the shriek of a siren, a crowd estimated at 6,000 people, swung into the rythm of a dance at a ball given by the Minneapolis, Minn., firemen. It was the first social event to take place in the new $3,000,000 Municipal auditorium erected in the city. Claude Harris, a member of the fire department, composed “The Firemen’s March.’ which was played at the dance.

Although the firemen hoped that the night one be a quiet

one as far as the number of fire alarms went, a section of the dance floor was fitted up as a temporary fire headquarters.

Preceding the dance, a motion picture of one of the last runs of the horse-drawn fire apparatus was shown. Several thousand gallons of ice-cream and soft drinks were served.

The firemen’s hand was organized in 1919 by Chief Ringer and the Minneapolis Civic and Commerce Association, and is one of the best known firemen’s bands in the country. It has toured the eastern states and has given concerts in several provinces in Canada. It has frequently broadcasted programs over the radio.

The object of the ball was to raise money for the firemen’s welfare fund.

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