Six Months of Fire Loss.

Six Months of Fire Loss.

The losses by fire in the United States and Canada during the month of June, as compiled from the carefully kept records of the Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin, aggregate $20,691,950. as compared with $13,183,600 in fire losses during June last year. The losses for the first half of this year exceed those of the first six months of the previous year by $30,000,000, being $129,691,750, as against $99,228,900 in 1910. The June losses this year were widely distributed throughout the country, all sections suffering about alike, but the continuation of a number of bad fires in lumber and woodworking plants is noticeable. There were during June no less than 277 fires, each causing an estimated property damage of $10,000 or over. The following table gives comparisons by months for three years;

There were during June, this year, some 277 fires reported, each of which caused a loss of $10,000 or over. A detailed list of these fires appears on the insurance page, this issue, but considered as to their relative destructiveness they give the following comparison:

Of the 17 fires during June which caused an estimated property damage of $200,000 or over each, the following were the more important from a fire insurance viewpoint:

The increase of $39,900,000 in the fire loss of the first half year of 1911 as compared with the same period of 1910 has given the fire underwriters a hard experience. Few fire insurance companies doing a general business throughout the United States have made any underwriting profit this year. Managers of fire insurance companies are, many of them, very pessimistic as to the outlook, and it is likely that several companies will retire from business before the year closes.

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