Sixth Year for “Emergency”

Sixth Year for “Emergency”

“Emergency,” the dramatic series about the combined operations of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, its paramedics and the emergency medical services of the Los Angeles County Department of Hospitals, has been renewed for a sixth season by NBC Television.

Los Angeles County Chief Richard Houts praised the series for raising the visibility of the fire service and promoting fire prevention.

“I credit ‘Emergency’ with helping the paramedic program to move forward much more quickly,” Houts said. “The visibility of firemen and firemen-paramedics every week on network television is the best form of public relations we can have, not only for Los Angeles County, but for the entire fire service.”

Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe star as the two firemen-paramedics of Rescue Squad 51, with Robert Fuller, Julie London and Bobby Troup starring as hospital medical staff.

Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth portray firemen-paramedics in Emergency which begins its sixth season on NBC TV in September—NBC TV photo.

“Emergency” continues to be produced by Mark VO Limited Productions, in association with Universal Studios with Robert A. Cinader as executive producer and Edwin Self, producer.

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