Sleepwear Most Ignitable

Sleepwear Most Ignitable

Sleepwear was the first fabric item ignited more frequently than any other item in over 1900 fire incidents reported to the National Bureau of Standards Flammable Fabrics Accident Case and Testing System.

Information acquired since promulgation of the current sleepwear flammability standard protecting children of ages 0-5 indicates a problem of comparable magnitude exists for children of ages 6-12. Of 316 incidents involving noncontaminated sleepwear that was first to ignite, about onefourth involved children 0-5 years old and one-fourth involved children 6-12 years old. For the 6-12 group, sleepwear ignited first more often than all other garment items combined.

Females outnumbered males four to one in the 6-12 group, due mostly to the involvement of nightgowns and kitchen ranges, the most common ignition source for this group. Five of the 6-12 year old children died and 52 of 74 victims were hospitalized. Almost all of the first-to-ignite sleepwear in this group was cotton.

Data from the Shriners Burns Institute and the National Burn Information Exchange provide further evidence of the involvement of children ages 6-12 in garment fires.

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