Slogan Contest by Equipment Manufacturers

Slogan Contest by Equipment Manufacturers

A slogan contest has been inaugurated by the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Institute in connection with an educational campaign. The Institute is prosecuting with the object of arousing public opinion to the point where people will eventually adopt the means at hand to combat fire, provide for safety to life and property and align themselves with organized efforts toward fire prevention.

Anyone will he eligible for participation in this contest. It will close on October 10, the last day of Fire Prevention Week. All slogans must be in the hands of the institute by that date. Competent judges will be chosen to decide upon the merits of the various slogans submitted. The one sending in the best slogan will receive a check for one thousand dollars on December 10, on which date the name of the winner will be announced.

No restrictions are imposed, except that preference will be given to slogans of less than five words.

New Boxes Installed in North Bend, Ore.-Seven new fire alarm boxes have been added to the system of North Bend, Ore.

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