Small Departments Fight Large Fires

Small Departments Fight Large Fires

Colonial Hotel in Bahama Islands Destroyed with Over Two Million Dollars’ Loss—Mexia Men Have No Water for an Hour—Convict Firemen Fight Blaze—Fire Record of Week

Destructive Hotel Fire in the Bahamas

The great tourists’ hotel known as The Colonial, in Nassau, Bahama Islands, caught fire on March 31 and was entirely destroyed with a loss estimated at over two million dollars. Owing to the rapid spread of the flames and the inflammable nature of the contents it was impossible for the fire department of Nassau to save any of the building. A southeast breeze was blowing fortunately, but had the wind been in any other direction many other buildings in the city would have been in the path of the flames and would have been destroyed. During the fire looters were very active and Provost Marshal Whebell, of Nassau, declared martial law and served notice that offenders would he shot on sight. Before guards could be placed around the hotel, a considerable quantity of liquor was carted away by thieves. A number of guests and employees were rescued from the hotel and there were several narrow escapes from death. Some of the guests were not removed until just before the walls of the hotel had collapsed. Among the almost inneparable losses incident to the fire was the destruction of the splendid group of palm trees which surrounded the structure. The illustration on this page shows the fire at its beginning before the entire building was involved.

Hotel Fire in Nassau, Bahamas, in Its First Stages

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