Small Fire Loss at Virginia, Minn.

Small Fire Loss at Virginia, Minn.

Chief A. F. Thayer, of Virginia, Minn., in his annual report, says that the department received

70 fire alarms, of which seven were false. Of the total number, 62 fires were confined to the buildings in which they started, while only one fire extended to nearby buildings. During the year the department used 476 gallons of chemicals, laid 13,700 feet of hose, used 386 feet of ladder, traveled 60 miles, and worked 28 hours. Total value of buildings involved in fire, $448,210,000; total value of contents, $211,228.86; total, $659,438.86. Total insurance loss on buildings, $5,920.37; total insurance loss on contents, $5,486.95, making a total of $11,407.32. The fire losses were moderate, averaging per fire $181; uninsured loss was $5,650. The chief in his recommendations says:

“I would recommend that you purchase a combination auto wagen, about one-half the weight of the present car; that you purchase 1,000 feet of hose; that you increase the salaries of fire department 10 per cent.


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