Providence R. I.—The fire department is ready to adjust itself to new conditions brought about by the succession of Battalion Chief William F. Smith to the post of commander upon the retirement of Chief Reuben D. Weekes, and the several promotions and transfers that follow in the wake of the change in the department chieftaincy.

The choice of Chief Smith by the Board of Fire Commissioners is considered by those closely in touch with the situation as likely to eliminate the friction in evidence for a year, which, it is declared, existed largely through a divergence in personal views between John R. Dennis, chairman of the commission, and Chief Weekes.

Capt. Frederick C. Walden was promoted to he a battalion chief; Lieut. Charles A. Cutler was advanced to a captaincy and Private Andrew A. Doherty was made a lieutenant. Capt. Charles F. Dyer, Hose 19, was transferred to Hose 8 to enable him to act as a substitute battalion chief.

The selection of Battalion Chief Smith, who has been a district chief for 19 years, and the senior subordinate to Chief Weekes, came when the Board of Fire Commissioners received the formal application of Chief Weekes to be retired after 41 years in the department. The board ordered Chief Weekes transferred to the retired list, as it was required to do under the pension law.

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