Smoke Detector Campaign

Smoke Detector Campaign

With the assistance of Fire Captain Albert Grams, the Covina, Calif., Women’s Club is conducting a smoke detector campaign expressly for the elderly and nonambulatory handicapped.

The club purchases, distributes and installs smoke detectors for the elderly with incomes below $10,000, and the nonambulatory with incomes below $13,000, using grant money received through the Housing and Community Development Act. The fire department provides initial supervision. All contacts and installations are done by the Women’s Club and the Fire Explorers Club (18 to 20 year olds). The program has a built-in maintenance factor: Each home installed with a detector will be contacted in one year to replace the battery.

To date, over 500 smoke detectors have been installed. In conjunction with this program, the club is sponsoring the sale of detectors at a discount. From each sale, $3 is placed in a fund to support the city’s fire prevention education program.

Grams has proposed an additional plan, utilizing the trash disposal companies as underwriters and billing agents, so that citizens can purchase detectors on a prorated basis.

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