Smoke Detector Program

Smoke Detector Program

The first in what is hoped to be a massive county-wide incentive smoke detector program was announced in Bellevue, Wash., on September 1.

Fire officials from throughout King County and officials from the Unigard Insurance Group joined to announce the development of a package program which, if followed, could save most of the 30 lives lost from fire in this area each year.

Briefly, Unigard will shortly begin to send notices to all of their King County policyholders, advising them of the program and the availability of a rate credit. They have made arrangements with some of the manufacturers of approved smoke detectors for group discounts which can range up to 30 percent. They also announced a 2 percent credit will apply to the basic homeowner’s premium for thus purchasing such a device.

In turn. King County fire departments will inspect all homes installing smoke detectors to determine that the installation is correct. They will also conduct a complete home fire-safety inspection of residence if desired, and will return in a year to ensure that the detector remains operational.

Unigard is the first local insurance company to announce a premium reduction for policyholders purchasing approved detectors. However, it’s anticipated that others may soon follow suit.

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