Smoky New York Theatre Fire

Smoky New York Theatre Fire

Seven firemen, including a deputy chief, were treated for minor injuries or smoke inhalation during an early morning fire which damaged a theatre and seven stores, and threatened a large apartment house on Broadway near 88th street, New York City, December 11th.

All the injured remained at the scene. The first alarm was received at 7:50 A.M., the second at 8:21 and the fire was pronounced under control at 10:25 A.M. Actually, a three-alarm force went to work because the second alarm sounded just when company shifts were changing and both relieving and relieved firemen went to work.

More than 600 persons watched the fire, which apparently started under the Coronet Candy Studio and spread to six other small stores and the Yorktown theatre, next door to the candy shop. Firemen attempting to get at the seat of the blaze were repeatedly driven back by dense clouds of smoke and finally had to fight the fire through holes in the roof and ground floors. It is reported the smoke and water damage exceeded that caused by the fire. Among these treated by Dr. Harry M. Archer, Second Deputy Commissioner and dean of the department’s medical forces, were Deputy Chief Warren Barton, 4th Division and Captain John Metz, H & L 5.

Smoky Two-Alarm Broadway, New York City, Blaze Threatened Seven Buildings, Caused Injuries to Several Firemen Before Being Controlled.

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