Social Media Network Aims to Strengthen Real-World Community Ties

A new neighborhood social network aims to communicate with neighbors, trade goods, borrow gardening tools, find lost pets, cut back on crime and respond to emergencies. Nextdoor ( is a new, free, and secure social network designed to connect neighbors with each other and build community.

Nextdoor has a free emergency alert service that lets members send a mass email and text everyone within a neighborhood, in the event of a flood, earthquake, tornado, or other disaster.

One in three Americans today, don’t know their neighbors by name (Pew Research), but is working to change that through its easy-to-use, free service. Nextdoor communities are user-driven–neighbors sign up for the service, verify their address and invite individuals in their designated neighborhood to join.

To date, Nextdoor has been used to help neighbors across the U.S. create successful neighborhood watch groups, coordinate community meetings, work with local law enforcement, organize community events, find lost pets, find baby sitters and even buy, sell, and trade goods and left-over garden produce.

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