Some Details of the I. A. F. E. Convention

Some Details of the I. A. F. E. Convention

The following are excerpts from General Circular No. 1, issued by the direction of Chief John Kenlon, President of the International Association of Fire Engineers, in regard to the coming convention, which is to be held in the Exhibition Park, Toronto, Can., on July 26 to 30. The headquarters will be at the King Edward Hotel.

The Convention to be held in the Toronto Exhibition Park. The park is very spacious, well suited for the exhibition of apparatus, testing, driving, etc., and in addition, there is a very good auditorium for meeting purposes within the park. Hotel accommodations are seemingly rather scant, that is, if the number of people that we hope and expect will attend the convention, arrive. We fully expect that from twenty-five hundred to four thousand chiefs will attend the convention. Many, of course, will be accompanied by their wives and other members of their families, so it would be well to attend to your reservations as soon as possible.

The Memorial Services will be held in the morning, the first day of the convention, in the Convention Hall.

Reading of reports of Committees: NOTE:—Standards recommended by committees will be printed and distributed to the membership before being read, in order that the members may be informed as to the standards recommended and be in a position to discuss such standards intelligently.

Topic No. 1.—Organization and Supervision; Chief John F. Healy, Denver, Colo., Chairman.

Topic No. 2.—Organization and Strength of Companies; Chief William H. Murphy, Philadelphia, Pa., Chairman.

Topic No. 3.—Fire Department Engineering—to include apparatus and Minor Equipment; Chief Howard Stanton, Norwich, Conn., Chairman.

Topic No. 4.—Drill Schools, Drills and Training; Chief John C. Moran, Hartford, Conn., Chairman.

Topic No. 5.—Discussion of Fire Manual; Deputy Chief Thomas F. Dougherty, New York, N. Y., Chairman.

Topic No. 6.—Building Inspection by Uniformed Members of Fire Departments; Captain John J. Conway, Cincinnati, Ohio, Chairman.

Topic No. 7.—Membership; Chief Hugo R. Delfs, Lansing, Mich., Chairman.

Topic No. 8.—Location, Design and Construction of Apparatus Houses; Chief Frank G. Reynolds, Augusta, Ga., Chairman.

Topic No. 9.—Rules, Regulations and Discipline; Chief Charles W. Ringer, Minneapolis, Minn., Chairman.

Topic No. 10.—Water Supply, High Pressure System, Operation of High Pressure Streams; Chief August Emrich, Baltimore, Md., Chairman.

Discussion on some of these reports should be animating and instructive. This is particularly true of Fire Department Engineering and Minor Equipment, and the Fire Extinguishment and Fire Prevention Manual. These papers will all be prepared by practical firemen. Whatever comes out of this discussion, or whatever standards may be adopted, it must be said that they will be the standards of the chiefs of the various fire departments of United States and Canada, not standards or papers prepared by outsiders or as some people are wont to term them, non-firemen. Therefore, we want to have every officer and fireman, who are associate members, to try and get to Toronto in July. There will be day and evening sessions, every session devoted to the discussion of practical fire matters. We would ask the Chiefs to make prompt arrangements to attend the Convention; to take up the matter of leave of absence and expense with the Mayor or Council of their City, town or borough. The small sum necessary to defray their expenses will be repaid tenfold to their city, town or borough by the information received.

The Order of Meeting was decided on, as follows:


Morning Session—Memorial Services. Session No. 1.—Monday Afternoon. Session No. 2.—Monday Evening.


Session No. 3.—Tuesday Morning. Tuesday Afternoon and Evening given over to Exhibit Committee.


Session No. 4.—Wednesday Morning. Session No. 5.—Wednesday Afternoon and Evening.


Session No. 6.—Thursday Morning. Thursday Afternoon and Evening given over to Local Committee.

Regular Business.


The membership committee is doing fairly well in some of the Eastern States but, as yet, we are sorry to say, the response from the Western, Middle Western and Southern States has not been as pronounced as it should be. However, the winter months are past and the time is here for a strong, vigorous campaign. We sincerely hope that the chiefs throughout the United States and the Dominion will realize the value of this effort. We hope to establish, publish and promulgate standards. This will entail expense, consequently, increased membership becomes an absolute necessity. As a little encouragement to other men we might say that in New York and vicinity one hundred and forty Life Members have been secured. These Life Members are mostly men engaged in commercial life, but ready and willing to contribute a little toward the expense of printing and publishing up-to-date standards of fire department practice. This is mentioned, as we have said, as a matter of encouragement and guidance to others. There are hundreds of men throughout this country and Canada who, if familar with the objects behind the membership campaign, would not hesitate a moment to help. It might be pointed out here that the fire waste in this country runs between two hundred and fifty and three hundred million dollars a year, and that between seven thousand and ten thousand people perish by fire each year on the North American continent. A strong, concentrated effort is all that is needed to check this Moloch of destruction. This continent is rich and powerful, but rich and powerful as it is it cannot afford to sacrifice to the fire god three hundred million dollars worth of property and seven thousand lives each year.

A little more than one hundred days from now until the chiefs meet in Toronto! A part of every day should be devoted to convention affairs. There is scarcely a chief in the united States or the Dominion that is not assigned to some particular committee or some work. Each one of them should make it a point to discharge the duties that were assigned to him as conscientiously as firemen are taught to discharge their duty. Please do not come to Toronto loaded with excuses. Come rather with well-prepared, practical reports in your pockets. Come prepared to discuss those reports sensibly and intelligently. Come prepared to formulate standards that will be standards of your making, not standards of those who were never inside of a burning building.

Those desiring to make reservations at hotels in advance should communicate with Chief Russell, Toronto, Ont. or Chief Armstrong, Kingston, Ont. The chairmen of the several committees are requested to have their reports in the hands of the President not later than June 1st. This, in order that they may be printed and distributed to the members prior to being read so that they may follow the reading and enter intelligently into the discussion.

As it will be impossible for one or two men to do the reading at the Convention, it is requested that those members who are willing to act as reading secretaries please send their names to the President.

The Secretary will be located at the King Edward Hotel.

By Direction of The President.


Acting Secretary.


Hotel Rates

KING EDWARD HOTEL—Single room, without bath, $2.50 a day; with shower, $3.00 a day; with private bath. $3.50 up. Double room, without bath, $4.00 a day; with shower, $5.00 a day; with private bath, $5.50 up. Accommodation for 200 people.

THE QUEEN’S HOTEL—American Plan—single, without bath, $4.50 day and upwards; double, without bath, $9.00 day and upwards;single with bath, $5.50 day and upwards; double with bath, $11.00 day and upwards. European Plan—single, without bath, $2.50 day and upwards; double, $4.50 day and upwards; single, with bath, $3.00 day and upwards; double, $5.50 day and upwards. Would accommodate as many as possible.

HOTEL ELLIOTT—$3.00 per day. American Plan. Accommodatlon for 20 to 25 guests.

PRINCE GEORGE HOTEL—European Plan—Single room, with hot and cold running water, $2.00 and $2.50; room for two persons, one double bed, $4.00 a day; room for two persons, two beds, $4.50 a day; room with private bath, one person, $3.00 and $3.50 a day; two persons, one double bed, $5.00 and $6.00 a day; two persons, two beds, $6.00 and $7.00 a day. 30 to 35 rooms if given notice of one or two weeks.

CARNS-RITE HOTEL—Room without bath, with breakfast, luncheon and dinner included, $4.00 a day each person; room with bath, with breakfast, luncheon and dinner Included, $5.00 a day each person. European Plan—Room without bath, $2.50 a day each person; room with private bath, $3.50 a day each person.

IROQUOIS HOTEL—$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 per day. European Plan only.

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