Some Hints on General Water Works Maintenance

Some Hints on General Water Works Maintenance

The Methods Used by the East Bay Water Company of California in Keeping Its Plant Up to Efficiency—Brief Summary of the Plant

IN this installment of the articles on the East Bay Water Company of California—the fifth and sixth —which FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is publishing serially, Mr. Magerstadt gives a brief summary of the company’s plant as of October, 1922, and Mr. Farrell describes the work of the construction and maintenance department of the utility:


By P. E. E. Designing Engineer

The East Bay Water Company is a privately owned public utility operating under the jurisdiction and regulation of the Railroad Commission of the State of California.

The Company operates in a territory about 35 miles in length and averaging from 2 1/2 to 5 miles in width. It serves consumers in the cities of Oakland. Berkeley, Alameda, Richmond, Piedmont, Albany, Emeryville. El Cerrito, San Leandro and Newark. and some unincorporated territory adjacent to these cities.

The Company and its predecessors have served the Eastbay communities for the past fifty-six years.

The Company’s storage reservoirs supply a small portion of the low head district by gravity. Due to diversified topography, water service varies from sea level to 1150 feet, necessitating a great amount of booster pumping. The total of all water served is pumped an average of two times, and in some instances water is pumped seven times before delivery.

Some Facts About the Company

The population of the entire district served is approximately 350,000.

The Company employs 505 persons.

Its stock is owned by 2033 investors.

It maintains 83 motor vehicles.

The average daily travel of its motor vehicles is over 3000 miles.

District offices are maintained at Oakland, Berkeley. Alameda and Richmond.

The amount of waiter filtered for the past twelve months was 5.169 billion gallons.

The Company maintains a completely equipped laboratory, making all of its own bacteriological and chemical analyses of the waters in the system.

Over 4000 water analyses are made per year.

The Company owns over 42.000 acres of watershed land for the protection of its water supplies.

It has three large storage reservoirs of a total of over nineteen billion gallons capacity.

It has 39 distribution reservoirs with a total capacity of 286 million gallons.

It has a total of 91 miles of transmission mains.

It has a total of 1146 miles of distribution mains.

It has 86.477 active services.

It gained 5726 services in the past 12 months.

It has 83,137 meters in the ground.

It gained 5250 meters in the past 12 months.

It has 2844 hydrants in the system.

The average consumption for the past 12 months was 23.1 million gallons per day.

The month of maximum consumption was:

August, with 29 million gallons per day average.

The month of minimum consumption was:

February, with 19.9 million gallons per day average.

The Company maintains three steam driven pump plants with a total capacity of 37 million gallons per day.

The Company maintains 27 electrically driven pump plants with a total capacity of 63 million gallons per day.

The Company has a developed surface water supply of 20 million gallons per day, developed well fields and springs of 18 million gallons per day, and an undeveloped surface water supply of 12 million gallons per day.

Street Repair Equipment, East Bay Water Company.Portable Tool Wagons

Over one million meter readings are made per year.

Over one million bills are prepared, rendered and collected per year.

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