Some Recent Ohio Improvements

Some Recent Ohio Improvements

Several important water works projects are now under way in Ohio; Westerville is contemplating the installation of a complete filtration plant; Sunbury expects this year to install a complete water works system; Washington C. H. is developing a new source for water supply from drilled wells; Wilmington has secured a new supply about two miles from the city and will erect a small pumping station there forcing the water to the present plant from whence it will be pumped into the city mains; St. Marys expects to abandon at least one of their present steam pumping units and to substitute therefor electrically driven units, this together with the introduction of probably 200,000 gallons of elevated storage, the increasing of the present well capacity and the motorization of the low lift pump; Hicksville contemplates changes at its pumping station.

During the past winter two pumping stations in Ohio have been completely destroyed by fire; early in the winter the combined electric generating station and pumping plant at Mt. Sterling was destroyed. This station used both steam and gas as motive power, but since there was no elevated storage available the plant was completely destroyed. The frame pumping station at Murray City, which housed both the low lift and high lift pumping apparatus was destroyed during the middle of the winter. This town was left with but a small quantity of elevated storage.

Laurelville, Ohio, received on March 15 its Howe-Reo triple combination car, carrying a 300-gallon per minute pump, a 50-gallon water tank, ladders and minor equipment. In conjunction with the purchase of its apparatus a unique method of raising money was carried out. The citizens and the farmers surrounding the village were solicited to donate any article of value whatever that they would. This brought forth a large collection of household goods, livestock, poultry, etc. An auction sale was held and a considerable amount of money was raised by this method.

Baltimore, Ohio, has recently purchased a Prospect-Ford one ton car, carrying a pump, two 35-gallon chemical tanks, and an 800-ft. hose bed.

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