Somerville’s New Central Station.

Somerville’s New Central Station.

The new central fire station for Somerville, Mass., is designed to combine the most improved facilities of a building of its kind with commodiousness and stability, and is planned to meet the needs of the department in the way of a fire alarm and general headquarters for years to come. It will stand on the old Brastow school lot, Medford street and Highland avenue.


The building will have a main structure three stories in height, and 56×76 feet ground dimensions, and a two story L 35×67 feet in si/e. The front line of the E will be farther back from the street than that of the main building. At the left front corners of the latter will stand a tower 12 feet square and 76 feet high.

The building will be of brick, with granite trimmings. The parts will be divided by a thick wall, through which connection will be made by two large archways on the ground floor, and smaller doors above.

The main building will have three doors, for steamer 1, the new chemical and the hose wagon. The I. will also have three doors. In front will stand the chief’s wagon, alarm system wagon and fuel wagon, while the relief engine will be stationed in the rear.

Across the rear of the main part and half of the L will be a row of 10 stalls and a box stall. The space in the rear of these will be well fitted for stable purposes, and a one-story straw drying shed and manure pit will be built in the rear of the building.

The basement under the main structure will lie fitted with heating apparatus. A space at the rear will be used for storing a wagon. A wide basement door opens out on a driveway on the east side.

The second floor of the double building will contain a recreation room 25 by 34 feet in size, a general office and private office for the chief* (fitted with private bathroom, alcove and fireplace), eight sleeping rooms, bathroom, lavatory and a room containing 16 lockers for the men. The floor will be reached by stairways in the rear of the tower, aud will have sliding poles in four places. At the rear will be the hay and grain loft and a large workshop.

The third floor of the main structure contains a battery room, 35×38 feet in size, an instrument room and a large washroom in the rear. There are two storerooms and a bedroom for the alarm man.

The interior of the building will be finished in southern pine and have hard pine lloors. The tower will contain a hose well fifty feet deep, and the bell will hang in open arches.

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