South Dakota Chief Devises Unique Light

South Dakota Chief Devises Unique Light

Periodically there comes to the notice of FIRE ENGINEERING new devices for fire department use, many of which add to the utilities indispensible to efficient workmanship. One of the latest accessories in fire fighting to which attention has been directed, is what may be called a duplex swivel search light. It is the creation of Charles Zumwalt, assistant chief of the fire department at

Pierre, South Dakota.

The device is a valuable acquisition in penetrating darkness, and f u r n i s h e s the foundation for the development of an extremely useful adjunct in fire fighting. Readers of FIRE ENGINEERING can get some idea of the device from the accompanying illustration.

Duplex Swivel Searchlight Devised by Assistant Chief of Pierre, S. Dak. Two Lights are Mounted with Swivel Connections so That They May Be Turned in any Direction, and Tipped Up and Down as Well

Chief Zumwalt has taken two drumhead automobile headlights and put thirty-two watts bulbs inside. These have been mounted over a battery box containing a six-volt standard storage battery. These lights are so adjusted that they can be turned in any direction—up and down, right and left, with perfect ease, and focused upon any object desired, both together or singly.

Experimental tests have been made with the new device, and on the darkest, rainy night, Chief Zumwalt has been able to throw its penetrating rays more than five blocks, illuminating everything within its scope. From the standpoint of local use, the invention promises to be of great value to the Pierre Fire Department.

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