Southeastern Chiefs Appointed

Southeastern Chiefs Appointed

The Southeastern Fire Chiefs Association, a section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs recently appointed members to the various committees. The officers of the section arc as follows:

Chief J. T. McNulty, St. Petersburg, Fla., president; Frank E. Donnahl, Greenville, S. C., first vice-president; D. B. Copeland, Columbus, Ga., second vice-president; H. E. Whitener, Hickory, N. C., secretary, and Donald White, Florence, Ala., treasurer.

The executive committee consists of W. B. Cody, Atlanta, Ga.; chairman, C. C. Meador, Roanoke, Va.; C. C. Hawkins, Georgetown, Ky.; L. B. Hill, Bessemer, Ala.; Frank E. Donnald, Greenville, S. C.

W. D. Brosnan of Albany, Ga., is chairman of the exhibit committee. The other members are A. L. Duckett, Asheville, N. C.; W. H. Palmer, Charlotte, N. C.

The traiis]M>rtation committee consists of H. R. McMillan of Jacksonville, Fla., chairman and John B. Kennedy, Augusta, Ga., and Jim Aikin, Birmingham, Ala.

John Monroe is chairman of the credential committee. The two other members are J. S. Stephenson, Miami Beach. Fla., and J. T. Moore, Memphis, Tenn.

The auditing committee consists of Sam Boyd, Knoxville, Tenn,. chairman, A. P. Sadler, West Palm Beach, Fla., and H. E. Nissen, Winston Salem, N. C.

A meeting of the cabinet of this association was held in Atlanta, Ga., on January 24.

Charlestown Veterans Hold Dinner—The Charlestown Veteran Firemen’s Association held a banquet on New Years Eve. District Chief Philip A. Tague of the Boston Fire Department presided at the dinner and the entertainment which followed.

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