Bi-Annual Convention Held at Avalon, Catalina Island—Chief Ralph J. Scott and Other Well Known Chiefs Attend

THE question of a fire college and fire school had a prominent part in the program of the bi-annual convention of the Southern California Fire Chiefs’ Club held at Avalon, Catalina Island. When the party landed at the island, it was met by the Avalon Band, the American Legion Drum Corps, officials of the city, and Chief Sullivan.

The meeting was opened by President W. J. Mohr. Chief Ralph J. Scott of Los Angeles, President of the I. A. F. C., said that he had no fault to find with the accomplishments of the international nor the Pacific Coast Association, but that it was his idea to do great things during the present year, with the help of several men.

He said that the first thing to be done would be to start an educational campaign to embrace all district organizations. As a start in this work. Chief Scott mentioned the three-day meeting of the chiefs held at the Los Angeles Fire College. He spoke on the attempt of the National Fire Waste Council to inaugurate fire colleges which would give only a five day’s course of five hours a day and against relying upon college professors who had no actual fire department experience to determine who should serve as chief at the conclusion of these short courses. Chief Scott also rapped private agencies for fire prevention and protection who are seeking to commercialize fire department activities.

Chief Scott invited members of the association to make use of the Los Angeles Fire College which gives a course lasting ninety days. No charge will be made for the course, and the men attending will be housed free.

Chiefs and Guests at the Bi-Annual Convention of the Southern California Fire Chiefs’ Club, Avalon. Catalina Island.

When called on for some comments, Chief E. F. Coop, President of Pacific Coast Association, stated that it was a proud moment for him when he received the banner at Birmingham, Ala., for the section that had made the greatest strides. Chief Coop told about the Pacific Coast Association and the plans made for the coming convention in Oakland, August 26-29.

At the conclusion of these remarks, John Colton, Board of Underwriters of the Pacific, read a paper on “The Quad —Its Value and Limitations.” The Quad is a 1,000-gallon pumper carrying 360 feet of ladders, 1,500 feet of 2p2-inch hose, 500 feet of l/4-inch hose and 200 feet of 1-inch hose.

Chief PI. M. Topping, Whittier, presented a paper on “The Problems of Volunteer and Part-Paid Departments.”

Chief J. H. Carroll, Bell, read a paper on “Cooperation of Insurance Companies.”

Considerable discussion followed the last paper, and several of the chiefs and representatives present told of experiences that they had had.

A suggestion was made that a resolution be sent to the National Board of Fire Underwriters requesting that the socalled “Red Book” or Fire Engine Tests and Fire Stream Tables be brought up to date.

Captain Myer of the Los Angeles Fire Department and President of the California Firemen’s Association was present and made a few remarks.

Chief Norman Johnson of the Los Angeles County Fire Department presented the following resolution:

“Resolved, that this organization, the Southern California Fire Chief’s Club, go on record as protesting any campaign for the benefit of any fire department which may be put on by any company, organization, or any person or persons who are not connected directly with the fire department, which in any way will benefit such company, organization or any person or persons financially or otherwise, and such resolution be printed or published as far as possible in every local newspaper in Southern California.”

The resolution was adopted.

Chief Frank B. Wilcox, of Culver City, was unanimously elected President as were the following officers: Chief C. E. Sullivan, Avalon, Vice-President; Chief G. E. Zimmerman, Coronado, Secretary-Treasurer.

Huntington Park was selected as the place for the next bi-annual convention.

The ladies were taken on several sightseeing trips about the island and on one evening, there was a banquet followed by dancing.

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