Southern Chiefs Honor MacMillan

Southern Chiefs Honor MacMillan

The sixth annual convention of the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs was held in Savannah, Ga., June 8 and 9 with Chief John H. Monroe as host. Bands of the Atlanta Fire Department and the Savannah Fire Department entertained the Chiefs.

The program consisted of talks by Chief Richard L. Smith, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Sherwood Brockwell, Raleigh. N. C. Chief Glen Huffsticklerm, Maryville, Tenn., gave a talk on Volunteer Fire Fighting. Chief D. W. Brosnan, Albany, Ga., spoke on “Salvage, Insurance, and Relationship of Insurance Companies and Fire Departments.”

A demonstration of fire-fighting methods was staged by members of the Savannah Fire Department. Many social functions were arranged for the entertainment of the visitors.

Chief H. R. MacMillan. Jacksonville, Fla., was elected President; Roscoe A. Foster, Portsmouth, Va., First Vice-President; W. W. Stephen, Anniston, Ala., Second Vice-President; John L. Miller, Concord, N. C., re-elected Secretary-Treasurer. Winter Haven was chosen as the next convention city.

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