Southern Fire and Water News.

Southern Fire and Water News.

(From our Regular Correspondent.)

Someone is undoubtedly trying to burn down the city of Louisville, Ky. On April 19 the Excelsior works were fired, and a moment later a stable two blocks away was in flames. Four other alarms followed in quick succession, and at one fire four horses were burned. An officer shot at two men who were seen leaving the stable that was fired. The losses will reach $25,000, partly insured. Wm. King was arrested and several rolls of cotton saturated with oil were found on him.

MlLLDALE, KY. (a suburb of Covington). — A syndicate has been organized and all arrangements completed to lay a teninch water main connecting with the supply main at Covington, thence to Milldale, to supiply the last named place with water. The work is expected to be completed within twelve days.

SILVERTON, O. (a suburb of Cincinnati).—The large ice house and barn of Wm. R. Gould was completely destroyed, as well as Mehne’s blacksmith shop adjoining. Bucket brigades were formed and a systematic onslaught was made on the flames, but both were burned to the ground. The ice house was a two-story frame and contained 400 tons of ice. Loss $5000, partially covered by insurance. A meeting will be held by the residents of Silverton in the near future to consider the purchase ot a hand engine and hose reel, arid to organize a village volunteer fire department.

CYNTHIANA, Ky.—The houses of Mrs. Ad. Thompson and Wyatt Thompson were recently consumed, the family narrowly escaping cremation. Mrs. Thompson was left with only one dress, which she hastily put on after escaping the flames. Everything was consumed, even to her shoes and stockings.

I he houses were burned to the ground ; cause of fire supposed to be incendiary. At the first cry of fire the department was at its post, and right well did the boys perform their duty. Cynthiana people feel proud of their fine boys, and cannot say too much in their praise. Loss $4500, and insurance $2500.

The city council are agitating the question of water-works. The recent fires have aroused the people on the subject of at once commencing the erection of solid protection for health and property.

DAYTON, Ky.—The water company propose to replace the present supply mains with others of larger size, and the council committee on light and water have been instructed to see that the new mains will be adequate for all purposes. The quality of the water has been everything to be desired, but the same compliment cannot be truthfully made of the quantity. Chairman of the fire department committee will submit plans for the erection of a hose tower which will be durable, economical and ornamental. The alarm bell will be placed in an open space at the top. The project of an electrical alarm system will probably be abandoned for the time being at least, the committee not feeling justified in making the outlay required to have a first class system.

LUDLOW, Ky.—Fire Chief W. Billings has been engaged fixing up some of the fire cisterns recently, and reports about 500 feet of hose on hand fit for use in case of fire. He says there should be at least 1000 feet added for service. The chemical engine, also, should be kept ready for immediate action, and have several charges on hand to use in case of fire. This should not be neglected. The fire company boys were well pleased with their ball, and feel very grateful to the ladies who made such ample provisions for the supper.

HICKMAN, Ky.—Is to have water-works and electric light.

CINCINNATI, O.—A fire started from an unknown cause in the top story of Kinsley’s plating works, 23 W. Sixth street, on Wednesday. Two alarms were sounded and the prompt work of the department prevented a serious conflagration. The loss will not exceed $1200.

NEWPORT, Ky.—The board of water-works trustees contemplate the expenditure of $28,000 in repairing the reservoir. The smaller basin, which is in much worse condition, will be repaired first and the larger one as soon as possible. For a short while on Wednesday night the Standard Carriage Goods Company’s plant was on fire. It started in the japan ovens and burned briskly for fifteen minutes. No alarm was turned in, but as the factory is well equipped with fire apparatus it was used. Trouble was caused, however, by the hose breaking and a bucket brigade was organized. After a hard fight they got the fire under control. Damage slight, probably $100.

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