Southwest Research Institute Appoints Counsellors

Southwest Research Institute Appoints Counsellors

Twelve leading authorities on fire protection, prevention and control have accepted appointment to the Board of Counsellors for the Fire Technology Division of Southwest Research Institute of Houston and San Antonio, Dr. Harold Vagtborg, Institute President, announced recently.

The Division, Dr. Vagtborg said, will work scientifically on reducing the toll of human lives and property loss from fire, utilizing the staff and laboratories of the Institute and the ample testing areas of Essar Ranch near San Antonio in applying advanced techniques of analysis and research to fire problems whose destructive effects are mounting annually.

Appointment of the Counsellors, Dr. Vagtborg continued, completed the organizaton of the Division which is being directed by Norman Penfold, assistant to the institute president. Mr. Penfold is an Armour Institute of Technology graduate engineer whose special fields of reasearch include fuels, heat and combustion.

In addition to furnishing companies research services at cost, the Division is undertaking fundamental research programs in the physical and chemical aspects of fire, combustion and explosions in order to expand scientific knowledge of these phenomena, Dr. Vagtborg said.

Members of the newly-appointed board of councillors are John H. Alderson, Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles, Calif.; Colonel H. S. Bennion, Executive Vice President of the Edison Electric Institute, New York City; Captain H. J. Burke (USNR), Former Chief of the Fire Department, New York City, and Former Head of the Damage Control and Fire Fighting Section of the Navy Bureau of Ships, Newark, N. J.; Ned H. Dearborn, President of the National Safety Council, Chicago; J. J. Duggan, Chief of the Equipment Safety and Control Department, Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation of South Charleston, W. Va.; George C. Hawley, Chief Engineer of the Texas Board of Insurance Commissioners, Austin, Texas; J. E. Jagger, General Manager of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, New York City; G. M. Kintz, Supervising Engineer. U. S. Department of the Interior, Dallas. Texas; Fred Shepperd, Editor of FIRE ENGINEERING, New York City; Arthur C. Kreutzer, Managing Director of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association, Inc., Chicago; Ray Wisner, Chief Engineer, Insurance Department, United States Steel, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Carl Wolf. Managing Director of the American Gas Association, New York City.

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