Southwest Water Works Convention Exhibits

Southwest Water Works Convention Exhibits

The Water Works Manufacturers’ Association has just issued a circular in connection with arrangements for exhibits at the 11th annual convention of the Southwest Water Works Association which takes place at Wichita Falls, Tex., June 18 to 21, 1923. The exhibits are to be at the American Legion Hall, the space allotted being 50 by 100 feet. The circular, which is self-explanatory is as follows:

Application for Space

All applications for space must be made out on the printed form enclosed. Please answer all questions fully. No application for space recognized unless made out on the enclosed form. Space allotted in order of arrival of applications. You will assist the Exhibit Committee by applying for space at once.

Size of Space

The usual space of 20 square feet will be allowed each member of the Water Works Manufacturers’ Association. Additional space can be had, if wanted, to be paid for at the rate of 50c per square foot. All exhibitors must be members of the SOUTHWEST WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. All exhibitors who are not members of the WATER WORKS MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION will be required to pay INITIATION FEE $25.00 and DUES $25.00 as a CLASS “B” Member. This money to be paid to the Chairman of the Exhibit Committee and to go toward the entertainment fund of the Southwest Convention.

Electric Connections

(Alternating current, 110 volts)

Directions to Exhibitors

Ship all Exhibits to the SOUTHWEST WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION, care of TODD WILLIAMS, Superintendent, Water Department, Wichita Falls, Texas.

Prepay Freight and Express Charges on your Shipments. BE SURE to send Bill of Lading to Todd Williams, Supt., as soon as shipment is made. To insure prompt delivery, ship early and secure way-bill reference where carded to.

Respectfully submitted,





Exhibit Committee.

Mail all applications to George McKay, Jr., 1511 Land Title Building, Philadelphia, Pa.

Orange Reservoirs Supply East Orange—The work of connecting new engines and boilers in the East Orange, N. J., distribution system caused a twenty-four hour shutoff of the city’s regular water supply, and by an old agreement Orange was asked for use of its water supply for the time. The pressure of the Orange water is 90 pounds, While that of East Orange is between 75 and 80, and as a result of the high pressure of the former system there was considerable disturbance of the inner surface of pipes and a consequent discoloration of the water.

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