Southwest Water Works Convention

Southwest Water Works Convention

The last of the larger water works conventions takes place this week at Hot Springs, Ark. The Southwest Water Works Association occupies the same relation to the water works men of the south and middle western states of the country as does the New England Water Works Association to the eastern and middle eastern departments.

The association’s conventions are always rich in practical papers and discussions, and there is no doubt but that the city authorities of Hot Springs will see to it that the members and guests are well taken care of as far as hospitality and entertainment provided for them is concerned. Last year there were in attendance 254 registered delegates and 34 new members were added to the association and it is quite sure that this year the number attending will be as great if not greater as the convention in Oklahoma City, as the association embraces a very large membership in the states covered.

A summer resort hotel completely destroyed by a fire originating through the carelessness of a guest who absentmindcdly left an electric iron with the current turned on resting on a wooden table in her room and went off to play golf is the latest edition to the record of fires from this cause. The advance in the science of electricity as applied to domestic uses has its penalties but these are usually to be traced to some one’s carelessness.

The water works superintendent as a fire preventionist is becoming more and more of a reality. In several of the projected observances of Fire Prevention Week in cities and towns the head of the water works is a prominent member of committees in charge of the work. This is as it should be.

More cities and towns than ever before in the history of the country have passed ordinances forbidding or regulating the use of the wooden shingle as roofing or restricting its use to certain zones of the municipality. This will prove a long step in advance in Fire Prevention.

The fire department of the District of Columbus, according to advices from John T. Doyle, secretary of the United States Civil Service Commission, Washington, D. C., is in urgent need of eligiblcs for the position of superintendent of machinery. An examination to fill this and similar positions will be held on October 18, 1922, and these examinations will be held in the principal cities of each state as designated by the United States Civil Commission. The list of these cities may be obtained from the commission, also details as to the examination. In applying, the exact title of the examination should be mentioned as follows: “Superintendent of machinery (fire department), $2,500, October 18, 1922.”

Southwest Water Works Convention


Southwest Water Works Convention

The convention of the Southwest Water Work Association takes place September 20 to 23, 1920, at the St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, La. Indications point to a very successful meeting, and the Water Works Manufacturers’ Association are making arrangements for a very interesting series of exhibits. The following notice has been sent out by the Manufacturers’ Association:


Apply for Exhibit Space at Once. Annual Convention Southwest Water Works Association, September 20th to 23rd, 1920, St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, La.

Application for Space—All applications for space must be made out on the printed form enclosed. Please answer all questions fully. No application for space recognized unless made out on the enclosed form. Space allotted in order of arrival of applications.

Size of Space—The usual space of 20 square feet will be allowed each member of the Water Works Manufacturers’ Association. Additional space can be bad if wanted, to be paid for at a uniform rate per foot. Price to be determined when expenses relating to exhibits are known. All exhibitors must be members of the Southwest Water Works Association. All exhibitors who are not members of the Water Works Manufacturers’ Association will be required to pay a fee of $15.00 for each 20 square feet. This money to be paid to the Chairman of the Exhibit Committee and to go toward the entertainment fund of the Southwest Convention.

Direction to Exhibitors—Ship all exhibits to the Southwest Water Works Association, care of Burt B. Hodgman, St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, La.

Respectfully Submitted,


Burt li. Hodgman, Chairman.

John S. Warde,

John L. Atwell, Exhibit Committee.

Mail all applications to Burt B. Hodgman, 50 Church Street, New York City.

To Facilitate the Committee’s Work, to Whom Should Correspondence Be Addressed?


Southwest Water Works Association Convention, St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, La., September 20th to 23rd, 1920


Applicant …………………………………………….

Address ……………………………………..

Representative in Charge of Exhibit…………….

We desire to exhibit our products at the above named Convenvention and will require…………………………..ft.

(20 square feet allowed members without additional charge.)


If Table is desired, indicate same,”


Applications considered in order of receipt.

Send Same to Burt B. Hodgman, 50 Church Street, New York.