A View of the Members Assembled at Kansas City, Mo., for the Eighth Annual Convention, on June 23 to June 26, 1919—Interesting Conferences and Well Arranged Entertainment Program

ON this page are shown the delegates and guests in attendance at the eighth annual convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association, which was held at the Coates House, Kansas City. Mo., on June 2d to June 26, 1919. The members convened in Assembly Hall, on the second floor of the hotel at 10 a.m.. on June 2d, a fairly good attendance being present.

After the invocation by Rev. Father Heckman, and a welcoming address, the regular order of business was taken up. Several papers of interest to water works men were read, and lively round-table discussions were included in the sessions. Another feature was a series of five-minute talks by superintendents of water works and members of the association on little difficulties that have arisen in their experience and the methods they used in overcoming them. Among the speakers at this conference were Jesse Shaw, Topeka, Kan.; F. H. Kilburn, Woodward, Okla., and S. Entyre, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Group of Delegates and Visitors Taken at the Eighth Annual Convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association,Held at Kanas City, Mo., on June 23 to 26,1919

The entertainments included auto rides over Kansas City boulevards, ending at Electric Park; evening entertainment at the park; luncheon to past-presidents, officers and special delegates by the Chamber of Commerce; special entertainments for the ladies; visits to the Kansas City (Mo. and Kan.) water works, etc.

It was hoped that a full report of the proceedings of the convention could be presented in this issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, and arrangements to that effect were made by our representative at the meeting, but through some unforseen delay these reports have not as yet come to hand.

Southwestern Water Works Association


Southwestern Water Works Association

The sixth animal convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association which will be held in Topeka, Kan., on June 11 to 14, the Association convening in the Auditorium, is to be opened with an address by Mayor J. E. House, of Topeka. Charles H. Ade, of San Antonio, Tex., is to make the response to the address of welcome, after which the roll will be called and President Jesse Shaw, of Topeka, will deliver his address.

Other features of the program for Monday, June 11, are: 11 JO a. m., meeting of the executive committee: report of the secretary and treasurer, E. L. Fulkerson, secretary and generol manager of the Water Company, Waco, Tex.; paper on “The New Filtration Softening Plant for Shreveport, La.,” by John B. Hawley, consulting engineer, Fort Worth, Tex. 4.30 p. m., trolley ride over the city followed by an organ recital at the Auditorium. 8 p. m., illustrated talk “How to Conduct Bond Campaigns,” by R. E. McDonnell, consulting engineer, Kansas City, Kan. The program for the other days includes Tuesday, June

12, 10 a. m., paper on “Electrolysis in Water Pipes,” by Joseph W. Ivy, Kansas City, Mo.; a discussion on water meters, who should own them, how and how often tested, notice to owners of property when meter is to be set, and time allowed to put plumbing in order before meter rate is charged, instructions to householders or owners aboue care and reading of meters, detecting leaks, etc,; Question Box ; 2 p. m., paper on “Standardization,” by D. B. Reynolds, assistant superintendent, Water Company, Beaumont, Tex.; 3.30 p. m., theatre party for ladies. There will be a discussion on metering fire lines, should a water company meter all fire lines, and a charge made for all water recorded by meter, is it a paying investment to have fire lines metered?; Question Box; 4.30 p. m. Demonstration of a 20-inch valve insertion under pressure, by W. A. Start, of the A. P. Smith Manufacturing Company; 7.30 p. m., banquet at Chamber of Commerce Hall and an informal dance.

Wednesday, June 13, 10 A. M. Paper on “The Financing and Building of an Adequate Water Works and Fire Protection System in a City Where it has Reached a Population of Five Thousand,” by Henry C. Porter, chief engineer, Kingsville, Tex.; Question Box; 12 noon, sight seeing automobile trip to Gage Park where picnic lunch will be served; ballgame between the superintendents and the supply men; captain of superintendents’ team, J. W. Bennett, Oklahoma City; captain of supply men’s team, M. H. Collins, Chicago, Ill.; umpire, Robert Gresham, Temple, Tex.; official scorer, Hardy Greenwood, Dallas, Tex.; 2 p. m., illustrated talk “Filtration of Municipal Water Supplies,” by B. B. Black, consulting engineer, Kansas City, Mo.

Thursday, June 14, 10 a. m., round table discussion. Topics: How Can the Water Works Men Assist the State Board of Health in Public Health in Public Health Work, Experience in Cleaning Water Mains, Practice in Regard to Hydrants and Valve Inspection. Question Box. Recommendations of the Executive Committee to the Association. Election of officers, 3 p, m. Water display by the Topeka Fire Department.

The present officers of the Association are: President, Jesse Shaw, Superintendent Water Company, Topeka, Kan.; First Vice-President, J. W. Lacy, Superintendent Water Company, Brookfield, Mo.; Second Vice-President, R. C. Trube. Superintendent Water Company, Texas City, Tex.; Third Vice-President, A. M. Burgess, Superintendent Water Company. Galveston, Tex.; Fourth Vice-President. J. D. Stover, Secretary Water Company, Dallas, Tex.; Fifth Vice-President, H N. LaRue, Superintendent Water Company, Henryctta, Okla.; Sixth Vice-President, J. H. Bell, Superintendent Water Company, Salina, Kan.; Seventh Vice-President, J. W. Bennett, Superintendent Water Company, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Secretary and Treasttrer, E. L. Fulkerson, Secretary and General Manager Water Company, Waco, Tex.; Chaplain. Rev. P. A. Heckman, Temple, Tex. The Entertainment Committee consists of Charles H. Ade, chairman; J. Gerrity, L. J. Van De Wall, J. W. Fitzpatrick, W. A. Start. The Ladies’ Committee consists of Miss Flora Wesper, chairman; Miss Mildred Shaw and Mrs. J. Gerrity.