Sparks Club Presents Ellis with Traveling Bag

Sparks Club Presents Ellis with Traveling Bag

The Metropolitan Sparks Club, of Boston, held its annual outing on July 22 at which the members gave its President, Benjamin M. Ellis, a gift of a traveling bag, just prior to his departure on a vacation trip to the Canadian Northwest and Alaska.

He will stop at Winnipeg, Man.; Vancouver B. C.; Edmonton, Alta.; Skagway, Alaska, and on his return at Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans and Memphis. He expects to spend about four weeks on this trip.

Before leaving Mr. Ellis received letters of introduction from Chief Samuel Pope, Boston Fire Department and Chief Allen, Brookline Fire Department, to some of the Chiefs of the cities mentioned.

An Engine Room View of One of the World's Largest Fireboats This is an engine room view of the Fred H. Busse, the fireboat recently placed in service by the Chicago Fire Department. In the immediate foreground is a 250 h.p. Cummins diesel, which is coupled to a 2,500 g.p.m., fire pump. There is an identical unit to the left, out of the camera's range. Toward the stern and in the far background are three more 250 h.p. Cummins diesels, two to drive both propellers and pumps, and the third or middle one for the propeller only. Three-inch monitors on the deck can discharge a total of 10,000 g.p.m. A tower, which can be lowered when going under bridges, has a 3-inch nozzle that can discharge 4,600 g.p.m. A separate diesel drives a 30 kw. generator for electrical needs. When going to a fire, there are 750 h.p., available for propulsion, and at a fire there are 1,000 h.p., for pumping with 250 h.p. still available for maneuvering the ship.

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