Speaking of Birds

Speaking of Birds

OUR June 16th issue is a bird. There are more live prospects to a square inch in that edition than we have ever seen within a magazine cover.

SO writes M. E. Mutchler, Advertising Manager of the Sterling Engine Co., in a letter recently received. We haven’t asked his permission to print this extract, but he is such a good scout and his praise is so whole-hearted and spontaneous that we feel sure he will want us to pass the good word along.

YES, sir, the approval of our friends is just about the only thing that makes this job of publishing a trade paper worth while, in these days of mounting costs and diminishing returns. Meeting the paper and printers’ bill each week is not the least of our problems.

BUT our problem is your problem, because it is your paper: the reader makes it what it is. By putting in a good word for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING where it will count, by recommending it to your friends who are not now subscribers, and, above all, by giving ready response to the announcements of our advertisers, you can help tremendously in the steady growth and development of your paper-FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.

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