Canton, Ill.—Chief Jakels it inspecting fire apparatus in various places prior to the purchase by the Council of a suitable equipment.

Woodbridge, N. J.—Council has authorized quarters and equipment for newly-formed fire company.

Augusta, Me.—Committee on Fire and Finance has been authorized to buy a motor chemical car, to cost about $1,000.

Tulsa, Okla.—City voted June 28 on bonds, to include $85,000 to enlarge alarm system, install additional alarm boxes and complete equipments in West Tulsa and Kendall.

Lake City, Fla.—Board of Bond Trusters will erect fire station, to cost $8,000.

Reading, Pa.—Council is considering a resolution which provides for the complete motorization of the fire department.

Soux Falls, S. D.—Chief Sloan’s recommendations for motor apparatus have been adopted.

Girard, Ga.—Citizens plan to purchase a fire truck similar to one in use in Phenix City.

Delphos, O.—Council has decided to issue bonds to buy motor apparatus.

Havana, Ill.—Council contemplates purchase of a piece of motor apparatus.

Cherokee, Ia.—Council is considering the purchase of new apparatus.

Miami, Ariz.—Town Council is to purchase new equipment, including a chemical and nose cart.

New London, Conn.—Council has voted to expend $8,500 for an auto fire engine.

Thompsonville, Conn.—At the annual district meeting, it was voted to install light motor truck in both the North and South End houses, cost to be $3,000.

Berkley. Va.—Citizens of Camopstella Heights are to canvass for funds to purchase equipment for the South Norfolk department.

Austin, Tex.—A new fire alarm system is being planned here.

Marlboro, Mass.— Motor apparatus will he purchased as soon as funds can be issued.

Paterson, N. J.—Tax budget for the ensuing year contains appropriation items for fire supplies, fire hose and fire hydrants. Objections to the adoption of this budget will be heard up till 4 p. m , July 5.

Auburn, N. Y.—Funds are being raised for a new chemical engine.

Winthrop, Mass.—This town expects to have an auto pumping engine by October 15.

Bridgeport, W. Va.—The purchase of a motor truck is contemplated.

Passaic, N. J.—Exempt firemen intend to organize an auxiliary department and request Public Safety Commissioner to furnish equipment.

Uxbridge, Mass.—A new fire house is to be built.

Medford, Mass.—Council will remodel thr Central Station, at a cost of $88,000.

Somerset, Mass.—Purchase of motor apparatus, at a cost of $1,000, has been voted.

Oxford, Mass.—Recent town meeting considered appropriation for apparatus.

Edwardsville. Ill.—Council is considering purchase of motor apparatus.

Dixon. Cal.—A combination chemical and hose car is to be purchased.

Port Chester, N. Y.—$15,000 for new fire apparatus has been voted by this village.

Lincoln. Ill.—City will purchase motor apparatus.

Warren, O.—City is considering purchase of a pumping engine and an aerial truck.

Auburn, N. Y.—Funds arc being raised to secure two small pieces of apparatus for the Poplar Ridge department.

Austin, Ill.—Purchase of new equipment has been discussed.

Natchez, Miss.—Purchase of motor apparatus has been discussed.

Middletown, N. Y.—Citizens are considering a $4,000 expenditure for fire hose.

Asbury Park, N. J.—A bond issue of $80,000 for apparatus is contemplated.

Newton, N. J.—Council has decided to purchase motor apparatus, to cost $4,200

Wauseon, O.—Council voted to increase the fire zone area.

Grazierville, Pa.—J. W. Clark, of Altoona, is assisting in organizing a volunteer fire department here. A hose cart will be purchased.

Sioux Falls, S. D.—Chief Sloan has filed with the City Council recommendations for the purchase of four pieces of motor apparatus.

St. Paul, Minn.—Plans for two new engine stations are prepared. A combined hose and chemical wagon will be installed in one, an engine, hose and motor ladder truck in the other.

Mt. Penn, Pa.—Local firemen plan means of purchasing fire equipment, to include engine, 300 feet of hose, and an open-air tower.

Cedar Rapids, Ia.—Council has abandoned the Whittain Park location for a new fire station, and are seeking a new location for a site.

Rutherford, Cal.—Subscriptions are being taken to purchase a chemical apparatus. The fire station will be enlarged to house it.

Atlanta, Ga.—If Council acts favorably upon recommendations made, the fire department will be motorized. Fourteen motor-power and motor-driven engines are to be rented for a period of six years. The city will then assume ownership of same.

East Rutherford, N. J.—A committee is considering the purchase of an automobile apparatus for Carlton Hose Company No. 2.

New York, N. Y.—Fire Commissioner Adamson in his annual report, recently submitted to the Mayor, makes the following recommendations: That funds be provided for a modern alarm system in the business section of Brooklyn and in the southern half of The Bronx. That a sufficient sum be appropriated to complete the motorization of the fire department by the end of 1917. That the high-pressure system he extended from 34th street to 59th street, in Manhattan, through the eastern district of Brooklyn and the Rockaway section of Queens. That an appropriation be granted for the construction of a new fireboat.

Waterbury, Conn.—A new fire station has been authorized for the North part of the city, and it is likely new apparatus will be purchased for it when complete.

Devon, Conn.—A new fire station, to cost $8,000, has been approved.

Medford, Mass.—Council has passed ordinance for $30,000 loan for addition to Central fire station and recommends appropriation of $0,500 for new apparatus.

Alexandria, W. Va.—Council is considering the purchase of motor apparatus.

Globe, Ariz.—The matter of securing more apparatus has been referred to committee.

Guttenberg, N. J.—Budget appropriations recently made by Council include an item of $1,497 for the fire department.

Charlotte, N. C.—Contract for a piece of motor apparatus will soon be let.

New Britain, Conn.—Fire Commission has been discussing use of fire boxes and the purchase of additional hose.

Hornell, N. Y.—City is about to advertise for bids for motor apparatus.

Columbia, Ga.—Election is to be held Sept. 13; will vote on issue of $12,000 fire bonds.

Cedar Rapids, Ia.—A new station will be built as soon as a site can be selected.

Elm Grove, W. Va.—A bond issue of $32,000 has been voted for purchase of motor apparatus and for other improvements.

Hammond, Ind.—Recent $150,000 fire has shown the need of suitable equipment.

Mineral City, O.—Need of better equipment has been felt here.

Cincinnati, O.—City has purchased twelve sets of apparatus, which will be equipped with Sewell cushion wheels.

Spokane, Wash.—Thirty-three pieces of motor apparatus will soon be purchased.

Bethany, Mo.—A piece of motor apparatus is to be purchased.

Lima, O.—New fire station will be finished about July 15.

Manchester, Conn.—Voters have decided to purchase motor apparatus.

Westfield. Mass.—A 6-cylinder Chandler touring car has been purchased for the Chief.

Irvington, Va.—Recent large fire has shown the need of better fire equipment.

Oklahoma City, Okla.—A bond issue has been proposed for the purpose of securing additional equipment.

Taunton, Mass.—Council has contracted with the Pelton Water Wheel Company for two turbine engines.

Carlstadt, N. J.—Council has been debating the matter of buying motor apparatus.

Webster, Mass.—Town meeting is to consider the purchase of motor apparatus.

Somerset, Mass.—Equipment to cost $7,000 has been voted.

Buffalo. N. Y.—Protection equipment to cost $3,000 has been planned for the Perrysburg Hospital.

Delphos, O.—Council has passed an ordinance authorizing a bond issue for the purchase of new equipment. Geo. N. Leasure, Mayor; A. E. Weger, Clerk.

Jacksonville, Ill.—Council has called an election for July 24 to vote on bond issue for the motorization of the fire department.

Elm Grove. W. Va.—Council last week authorized a $32,000 bond issue for municipal improvements, including the purchase of a motor combination car.

Hornell, N. Y.—Mayor Edward J. Davis. Chief Joseph H. Hederman and Commissioner Seth Tucker visited nearby city last week to inspect motor apparatus.

South Highland (suburb of Shreveport), La.—A volunteer fire department has been organized here, with W. T. Simpson as chief. Chief Chris O’Brien, of Shreveport, will assist Mayor Bodenheimer in procuring up-to-date equipment. It is likelv a motor combination car will be purchased.

Fergus Falls, Minn.—Purchase of a motor city service truck and a siren alarm was recommended last week bv a committee appointed by Council to consider the matter. Committee consisted of H. B. Solberg, E. M. Olson and Frank Wylie. members Fire Committee, and Chief D. Prentiss.

Dallas, Tex.—That siren horns be provided for every machine in the fire and police departments will be recommended by Commissioner R. L. Winfrey shortly.

Lake Geneva, Wis.—A committee consisting of Chief Frank Winters, A. E. Peacock and others has been appointed to arrange for the purchase of a piece of motor apparatus. Of the $5,000 said to be needed, the village has contributed $1,000 and department $500. Remainder will be raised by public subscription.


Dubois, O.—Bids will be received until 2 p. m., July 5, for a triple combination car. Specifications at the office of City Clerk.

Hartford, Conn.—Bids for the alterations to engine house No. 5 are being received by the Board of Contract and Supply. Address John C. Moran, Chief, Fire Department.

Orange, N. J.—Bids for the erection of the new Central fire house will be received by the Board of Commissioners until July 10.

Knoxville, Tenn.—City Commission will receive bids until 10 a. m., July 10, for five pieces of motor apparatus. See official advertisement in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.

Sioux Falls, S. D.—Bids will be received by the Board of Commissioners up to July 16 for four pieces of motor apparatus. See official advertisement in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.

New York, N. Y.—Bids will be received until 10:30 a. m. by the Fire Commissioner for furnishing 88 upper parts of fire alarm boxes.

Salem, O.—Bids will be received by Director of Public Safety Boale until July 9 for motor apparatus.

Trenton, N. J.—Bids will be received at the Jersey State Hospital at 2 p. m., July 13, for the erection of fire towers.


Flint, Mich.—The Manhattan Rubber Co., Passaic, N. J., was last week awarded a contract for 2,000 feet of hose.

Carbondale, Pa.—Reports state that the Mitchell Hose Co. has awarded contract to the International Motor Co. for a Mack combination car.

Jacksonville, Ill.—A bond issue of $20,000 for motorizing the fire department is to be voted on.

North Tonawanda, N. Y.—Council has contracted with the Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co. and with the Fabric Fire Hose Co. each for 500 feet of hose.

Fort Wayne, Ind.—The following bids were received June 22 for furnishing a motor triple combination car. with 500-gallon pump and 60gallon chemical tank: The Seagrave Co., $8,000 Robinson Fire Apparatus Mfg. Co., $6,495; American-La France Fire Engine Co., $7,700 and $8,500; South Bend Motor Car Co., $7,000 and $0,750.

Shoemakersville. Pa. — Contractor Raubenhold, of Hamburg, has been awarded the contract to build an engine house, to cost $6,500.

Kendallville, Ind.—Council has contracted with the South Bend Motor Truck Co. for a piece of motor apparatus, to cost $7,000.

Lafayette, Ind.—Town Board has purchased from the South Bend Motor Car Works a piece of motor apparatus.


Alliance, O.—City has appropriated $10,000 for filter improvements.

Rochester, Minn.—Council has contracted with the Felton Water Wheel Company for two turbine engines.

Millville, N. J.—Council is considering purchase of Mill vale Water Co. and the Peoples Water Co.

Greenville, O.—Plans for water works system will soon be considered.

Quarryville, Pa.—Town has purchased plant of the Quarryville Water Company, for $25,000.

Camden, N. J.—Council has appropriated $10,000 for use of the water department.

Wilson, Okla.—$25,000 has been voted upon for water works improvements.

St. James, Minn.—A 225,000gallon tower, 110 feet high, is being planned.

Paso Robles, Cal.—People have voted to purchase water system from Midland Counties Public Service Corporation.

Geraldine, Mont.—Town has under consideration the purchase of the Winchell Springs water plant.

Waltham, Mass.—Methods of supplying a sufficiency of good water are being considered.

Coffeyville, Kan.—Council at Caney has approved plans for a filtration plant.

Oklahoma City, Okla.—Laying of 9,000 feet of mains, to cost about $36,000, has been urged.

Jamestown, N. Y.—Water and Light Commission has decided on extensive improvements to the pumping station, to include new boilers, reservoir changes.

Birmingham, Ala.—The city is negotiating for the purchase of the Birmingham water works property.

Brackenridge, Pa.—Borough is negotiating to buy or lease the plant of the Allegheny Valley Water Company.

Chicago, Ill.—A new pumping station will be built, at a cost of about $1,250,000.

Amsterdam, N. Y.—Plans for strengthening the reservoir and enlargine the spillway are before Council.

Lawrence, Kan.—Work on new water plant is under way. Pipe lines will be laid shortly.

Billerica, Mass.—A standpipe for better fire protection, estimated to cost $40,090, is contemplated.

Okmulgee, Okla.—A $535,000 bond issue for water and other improvements will be voted upon.

Louisville, Ky.—Ordinances for the setting of new fire hydrants have been introduced.

Carrizo Springs, Tex.—Lands on Neuces River are to be surveyed preparatory to construction of an irrigation system covering 15,000 acres.

Marianna, Ark.—City plans to drill wells and extend mains.

Jefferson City, Mo.—Capital City Water Co. will install filter plant and lav mains, at a cost of $75,000 to $100,000.

Ada, Okla.—A bond issue of $100,000 has been voted to extend water works. Bcnham Engineering Co., Oklahoma City, are in charge of

Atlanta. Ga.—Plans arc being drawn up for laying 16-inch water main to Army cantonment at Silver Lake.

Oskaloosa, Ia.—Council is considering purchase of the Peoples Water Company property. If taken over by the city, changes will be made.

Kensington, Conn.—Residents plan to finance the laying of pipes to their homes from New Britain.

Salt Lake City, Utah.—City Commission has enacted new ordinance for protecting water supply.

Kanarraville, Utah.—Application has been made to the State Engineer for water for irrigating 160 acres of land.

Columbus, Tex.—Columbus Electric Light Co. has leased the municipal water system, and will make improvements.

Petersburg, Va.—$25,000 has been appropriated for a filtration plant and pump.

Salem, Ill.—City plans to lay mains, to cost about $40,000.

Worcester, Mass.—Water Committee has recommended an expenditure of $3,000 for pipe extensions.

Bristow, Okla.—Water works improvements are contemplated.

Barberton, O.—Council plans to extend mains to supply the East Side

New York, N. Y.—Board oi Aidermen have approved request for installation oi meters in apartment

Ravenna, N. Y.—Citizens recently voted to buy the Hannacroix Water Co. plant for a sum not to exceed $110,000.

Irvington, N. J.—Board of Commissioners has ordered property owners in one section to make water connections.

Trenton, N. J.—Application of the Hillcrest Water Co., of Mountain Lakes, to issue $150,000 bonds, has been approved.

Dickinson, N. D.—City Engineer has been ordered to prepare plans for main extensions, to be made this summer.

Detroit, Mich.—Extension of water facilities to outlying districts is being rushed. $2,000,000 in new mains will be laid this year. Two pumping plants will be added.

Attica, N. Y.—Village seeks to acquire the water plant and privileges of the Attica Water, Gas and Electric Co. for the sum of $53,000.

Grand Rapids, Minn.—Water and Light Committee has decided to build a reservoir (about 500,000 gallons) near Hale Lake.

Port Arthur, Tex.—Bond issue of $180,000 has been authorized for water and other improvements.

Plainview, Minn.—Village voted $11,000 to improve water system.

Sheridan, Mont.—Construction of the municipal water system has been completed.

Princeton, Ill.—Plans have been drawn for a reservoir.

Hamilton, Mo.—A bond issue of $31,000 has been voted for a water works system.

Globe, Ariz.—Construction of a new pump is being considered.

Martinsburg, W. Va.—City proposes to extend mains and install electric pumps.

Perth Amboy, N. J.—Commission has been acting upon matters of water works improvement.

Springfield, Mass.—Water service is to be improved by laying more mains.

Tacoma, Wash.—Council has decidee to lay cast-iron mains, at a cost of about $14,000.

Waltham, Mass.—The water supply situation here has not yet been settled.

Hall, Quebec, Can.—Council will lay mains, to cost about $11,000.

Salt Lake City, Utah.—War Department will be asked for an appropriation of between $60,000 and $100,000 for construction of a reservoir dam in Red Butte Canyon.

Woodstock, B. C.—City plans to expend about $45,000 on a water system in Connell Park.

Seattle, Wash.—Plans have been approved for additional mains, to cost $42,000.

Denton, Mont.—A bond issue of about $60,000 may be approved for installing water system.

Circleville, O.—The Pickaway Water Company has been incorporated here with a capital of $10,000. Incorporators are Chas. H. May, C. M. Rifer and others.

Waurika, Okla.—Citizens will vote some time this month on $15,000 bond issue for improving water works svstem. Plan is to dam Beaver Creek and install filtration plant. Mayor Wm. H. Divers may be addressed.

Marianna, Ark.—As residents showed opposition to selling the municipal system to the Arkansas Light & Power Co., Council has canceled contract with the company and will resume operation of the plant. It is planned to sink an additional well.

Hailger, Neb.—A $3,500 bond issue for water works has been disposed of.

Burlington, N. Y.—Board of Public Works is advertising for bids for the drilling of a 10or 16-inch well to 150 foot depth.

Grand Rapids, Minn.—New reservoir is to be constructed here.

Macon, Ga.— It is planned to extend a 12-incn main in Forsyth Road, at an otimated cost oi $15,000.

Atlanta, Ga.—Council has voted funds for the laying of a 16-inch main from Hemphill pumping station to Army cantonment at Silver Lake. Supt. Zodc Smith estimates the cost at $197,500.

Ravenna, O.—Council has authorized the sale of $35,000 worth of water works improvement bonds.

Steubenville, O.—Council has decided to engage an engineer to determine what equipment will be needed for a permanent pumping station at a point near this city where a new shallow well water supply has been located.

Olean, N. Y.—Council has authorized the Water Commissioners to issue $75,000 in bonds for the installation of a filtration plant. At recent public hearing, those in attendance were unanimously in favor of this project.

Lewisburg, O.—Town will vote July 9 on $10,000 bond issue for enlarging and improving water works system.

Stanley, Wis.—A $6,000 appropriation has been authorized for water works improvements and extensions. J. D. Green, City Clerk.

Webster City, Ia.—The W. J. Zittcrell Co. has been incorporated here by W. J. Zitterel and others. Purpose is to install water works, sewers and do municipal work of all kinds.

Seattle, Wash.—Plans for extensions to the Cedar River water system that will, in the next three years, call for an expenditure of $3,700,000, were outlined to the City Utilities Committee of Council recentlyby Engineer A. H. Dimock. Plans include the development of Swan Lake reservoir, construction of 3½ miles of 10-foot concrete tunnel between Swan Lake and Molasses Creek; the construction of a third pipe line from Molasses Creek to Volunteer Park; the acquirement of the right of way for a pipe line from Beacon Hill to West Seattle, and for two reservoirs in West Seattle and the enlargement of the Volunteer Park reservoir from 23,000,000 gallons to 60.000,000 gallons.


Perth Amboy, N. J.—Water Commission will receive bids at 8:30 p. m., July 5, for laying 800 feet castiron pipe.

Jamestown. N. Y.—Bids are being received by the Water and Light Commission for extensive water works improvements.

Erixa, Ia.—A $5,000 bond issue was voted at a recent election for a new water system. Pipes are already being laid.

Winchester, Ky.—Bids will be received bv Clerk V. S. B. Tracy, at the City Hall, until 6 p. m., July 6, for constructing a municipally owned water works.

Baltimore, Md.—Bids will lie received by the Eastern Development Co., 806 Lexington St. Bldg., for laying of water mains, installing storage tanks and piping for water system.

Florence, S. C.—Bids will be received by City water department up to July 10 for steam turbine and centrifugal pump.

Winchester, Ky.—Bids will be received by City Clerk Tracy until July 6 for equipment for water works plant. Cost to be $180,000.

Cuba City, Wis.—Bids will be received until 8 p. m., July 12, by Village Clerk Brewer, for pump and motor.

Newark, N. J.— Bids will be received at the City Engineer’s office from 3:15 to 3:30 p. m., July 12, for a meter recording station.


Unadilla. Neb.—The following bids were received recently for the installation of a water works system: Katz Construction Co., Omaha, Neb., $10,194; Intermountain Bridge Construction Co., Tecumseh, Neb., $15,552; Chicago Bridge & Iron Works Co., Chicago, Ill., $4,100; Omaha Structural Co, Omaha, Neb., $3,700; Des Momcs Bridge Iron Co., Des Moines, Ia., $4,220; Hydraulic Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Lincoln, Neb., $1,240. Wood tank to Platter Yale Mfg. Co., Lincoln. Neb., $332. System includes 8-inch well, 40 icct deep; 1 centrifugal pump, 1-10 h.p. oil engine, 1 elevated tank, 25,000-gal. cap., 6,600 feet 4 inch cast-iron mains, 670 feet 6 inch iron mains, 14 fire hydrants.

Coin, Ia.—Contract for laying mains and building pump house was let to Dunncgan & Mitchell; other bidder. Des Moines Bridge &. Iron Co., Des Moines.

Humphrey, Neb.—Contract for construction of a 100,000-gallon steel and concretee reservoir was ley to Elk Horn Construction Co., Fremont, Neb.

Rochelle, Ill.—Contract for installing water system at Ogle County Home has been awarded to W. J. Law, of this city. It will be an air pressure system.

Sudbury, Ont., Can.—Contract for 500,000-gallon steel standnipe has been let to the Chicago Bridge & Iron Co., Bridgeburg. The cost is $31,000.

Chillicothe, O.—Contract has been awarded to A. S. Heicker, of Cleveland, for drilling wells to furnish 6,000,000 gallons daily for Army cantonment.

Washington, D. C.—Commissioners of District of Columbia have received the following bids, June 7, for cast-iron pipes and specials: (a) 100 tons 12-inch ; (b) 400 tons 8-inch; (c) 11 tons of specials; (d) 125 tons 16-inch—R. D. Wood & Co., (a) $60.50 per ton; (b) $60 per ton; (c) $105 per ton; (d) $54 per ton; U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co., (a) $58.30, (b) $57.30, (c) $95, (d) Class A $58.30, class B $57.30; Central Foundry Co., (a) $2.18 per ft., (b) $1.32 per ft., (c) 20 per cent, off list, lump sum $2,100.15, (d) $3.35 per ft. and $3.35 per foot; HammondByrd Iron Works, (a) $54.10, (b) $53.10. (c) $88.35, (d) $53.25; Glamorgan Pipe & Foundry Co., (d) $57.80 and $56.80; Lynchburg Foundry Co., (a) $57.90, (b) $56.90, (c) $100.

Washington, D. C.—Navy Department on June 25 received bids for water works improvements at the naval stations at various places, as follows: For a 6-inch flexible joint submered pipe line at the naval training station at San Francisco, Cal, Item 1, work complete; 2, do., pipe to be extra strong, galvanized, joints reinforced with malleable iron reinforcing sleeves; 3, deduct from item 2 for substituting a 5 inch pipe line: Healy Tibbets Construction Co. 9 Main st., San Francisco Cal., item 2, $49,248.70, 120 days; 3. $6,650 For constructing an artesian well at the U. S. Naval Academy Annapolis, Md.: The Sydnor Pump & Well Co., Richmond, Va , $8 per ft.; 60 days; alternate bid, cost plus 10 per cent, (bid not in accordance with specifications) ; Edward Christman, Massillon, Ohio, $13,667.50; 60 days. For fire protection system extension at the naval ammunition depot, Fort Miflin, Pa.: Item 1, work complete; 2, price for fire hydrants, piping, specials, etc., delivered f.o.b. ammunition depot. Fort Miflin; 3, price for fire hydrants required under item 1, delivered f.o.b. Fort Miflin: W. G. Cornell Co., Washington, D. C., $0,800, 70 days; 2. $3,972; 3. $080. 21 days. R. D. Wood & Co., 400 Chestnut st., Philadelphia, Pa., item 3, $24 each, 21 days. Noland-Clifford Co., Newport News. Va., item 1, $5,435, 60 days; 2. $3,740, 30 days; 3, $540, 30 days. For constructing an extension to the water system at the naval radio station Radio, Va.,: W. G. Cornell Co.. Washington, D. C., $6,093 ; 65 days.


(Figures represent loss in thousands)

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