Fort Worth, Tex.—Chief Bideker has recommended the complete motorization of the fire department; also the building of another fire station.

Atlanta, Ga.—$125,000 bonds for motorizing fire department will be voted March 25.

Chillicothe, O.—Citv expects to purchase fire truck for No. 3 station. Address Mavor W. L. Story.

East Mauch Chunk, Pa.—Council will purchase 1,000 feet of fire hose.

Dysart, la.—Town will have a new chemical engine.

Wynantskill, N. Y.—Purchase of motor fire apparatus is considered.

Bordentown, N. J.—Motor truck is discussed by Hope Hose Co.

Vandling, Pa.—Five hundred feet of hose will be purchased.

Watertown, N. Y. -More fire stations and apparatus have been recommended.

Hazard, Pa.Fire company will be formed here.

Manor, Pa. -Borough expects to purchase large amount of fire equipment, it is reported.

West Middlesex, Pa.—Funds are being raised to purchase fire truck.

New Brighton, Pa.—Motor fire truck and 500 feet of fire hose are recommended.

Ellwood City, Pa.-—One thousand feet of fire hose will be purchased.

Lewistown, Pa.—Ladder company will purchase motor fire truck.

New Holland, Pa.—Funds will be raised to purchase fire apparatus.

Roadstown, N. J. -Funds will be secured for new chemical engine.

Milford, Mass.—$500 has been appropriated for fire hose.

Ashland, Mass.—Purchase of motor combination chemical and hose car is proposed.

Milton, Mass.—Village selectmen ask appropriation for additional fire apparatus.

Nashville, Tenn.—It is proposed to establish fire department at plant of the DuPont Powder Co.

Troy, N. Y. -It is stated that $10,000 will be used for motor fire apparatus purchase.

New Providence, N. J.—Hose company will be incorporated here, it is stated.

Hecktown, Pa.—It is stated fire motor apparatus will be purchased this


Fair Haven, Pa.—New volunteer fire company has been organized.

Chatham, Mass -$,100 has been appropriated for fire equipment.

Xenia, O. Change in the fire alarm system and motorization of some fire apparatus is recommended.

Port Jervis, N. Y.—Motor fire apparatus is wanted.

Babylon, N. Y.—It is proposed to have $4,000 appropriated for motor ladder truck.

Lynbrook, L. I. — Town wants motorized fire department.

Perth Amboy, N. J.—It is stated that motor tire truck will be purchased.

Pleasantville, N. J.—Council will secure a city service ladder truck for fire department.

Fairmount, lnd. -Purchase of motor fire truck is discussed.

Woodriver, Ill.—Volunteer fire company will raise funds for motor apparatus.

Pekin, Ill.—Funds will be raised to purchase uniforms and other equipment for firemen.

Hoopeston, Ill.—Council considers purchae of modern fire truck.

Hoosick Falls, N. Y.—Proposition to purchase motor combination fire truck and install fire alarm system is to be voted upon. Address Village Trustees.

Syracuse, N. Y.—Fire department will be completely motorized. Address Commissioner W. W, Nicholson.

Oberlin, O.—Three hundred feet of fire hose will be purchased.

Salina, Kan.—Fire apparatus is being inspected with a view to purchase suitable fire apparatus.

Salt Lake City, Utah.—New fire station will be built at Fort Douglas.

Fort Smith, Ark.—New fire house will be built.

Elkton, Md.—A chemical engine will be purchased for the Chesapeake City Firo Co.

Guelph, Ont., Canada—Fire apparatus is under investigation by lioard of Trade.

Riverside, R. I.—Council is considering purchase of fire hose.

Dallas, Tex.—Uniforms for fire department members may be purchased. Address Fire Commissioner R. L. Winfrey.

Mauch Chunk, Pa.—$000 will be spent for fire equipment.

New Britain, Conn.—$12,250 will be expended for motor aerial fire truck. Address Fire Board.

Houston, Tex.—Texas Conservation Committee of National Council of Defense have been discussing means of fire protection here.

Bethlehem, Pa.—Residents of North Bethlehem are raising funds for purchase of a chemical engine.

Elyria, O.—Motor combination pump, chemical and hose car will probably be purchased for East Side station.

Enola, Pa.—Plans for better firefighting efficiency are discussed.

Kansas City, Mo.—Fire board will purchase one motor for fire truck use, at about $512.

West Springfield, Mass.—Town will vote on a $3,500 appropriation for fire truck. Address Town Clerk.

Falmouth, Mass.—Town will decide on purchase of motor combination pump, chemical and hose car.

Lynbrook, N. Y.—$0,000 appropriation is proposed for additional fire apparatus.

Malden, Mass.—New two-story fire house will be built.

Westford, Mass.—Purchase of chemical truck is planned.

Pittsfield, Mass.—$7,000 has been asked council for city service truck for fire department.

Paterson, N. J.—City will probably buy new fire pump.

Mangum, Okla.—Bonds will probably be voted for new fire truck:.

Radford, Va.—City plans to purchase fire truck, at $8,000.

Bellevue, O.—Council plans to issue $8*000 bonds for motor fire apparatus.

Petersburg, Va. — City Council will purchase 2 motor triple com. fire engines.

Salina, Kan.—Purchase of new fire truck has been recommended to council.

Ottawa. Kan.—City will buy motor chemical truck.

Burlington, Vt.—Chief C. D. Stockwell recommends the purchase of 5 fire alarm boxes, turret pipes, motor triple combination chemical and hose car for station 3; motor 85-ft. aerial truck, 2 motor comb, chem. and hose cars.

Waupun, Wis.—More hose is needed by fire dept.

Des Moines, la.—East side residents want motor comb. chem. and hose car.

South Fork, Pa. — Motor fire apparatus is wanted by citizens.

Hartford, Conn.—City expects to build new fire station.

Hortonville, Wis.—Village board has been asked to purchase fire truck. Address Village Clerk Rufus Poole.

Ithaca, N. Y.—Council has been asked to purchase triple-comb, pumping engine at $0,000 for Company No. 2.

Aitkin, Minn. — Council has been urged to buy fire engine.

Medford, Mass.—Installation of new fire alarm system is planned.

Providence, R. I.—$40,700 has been asked of council to provide motor fire apparatus. A $7,000 motor truck will be purchased.


Quincy, Ill.—Bids will be received by Board of Fire Commissioners until March 4, for furnishing a motor combination pump and hose car to carry 1,200 feet of 2J4-inch hose and pump to have a 750-gallon p. m. capacity.

New York, N. Y.—Bids will be received by Fire Commissioner Drennan until 10.30 a. m., March 11, for furnishing and installing miscellaneous lead covered cables and appurtenances in the Borough of Manhattan. Surity of $5,000 and deposit of $250 required. Forms and information at office of Fire Department.

Manitowoc, Wis.—All bids for fire pump have been returned unopened and new specifications prepared.

Boston, Mass.—Bids for furnishing rubber hose will be received at the office of the general purchasing officer, Panama Canal, Washington, D. C., until 10.30 a. m., March 11. Blanks can be had from the assistant purchasing agent in all large cities.

Williamsport, lnd.—Bids will be received by the Board of County Commissioners until 2 p. m., March

II, for furnishing two motor trucks. Specifications on file at office of Auditor S. H. Moffit.

Galesburg, Ill.-—It is stated that bids will be received for furnishing two motor trucks equipped with chemical tanks and 750-gallon booster pumps.

Houma, La.—Bids will be received by Clerk D. Angers until March 15 for furnishing 600 feet of fire hose.

Washington, D. C.—Bids will be received by the Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Department, until March 11, for installing fire alarm system at Hampton Roads, Va. Further information with the chief of bureau.

Washington, D. C.—Bids will be received by the Navy Department until March 11 for installing (specification 2857) fire alarm system at naval staton, Great Lakes,

III., estimated to cost $20,000. Further information with chief of bureau, Yards and Docks.


Baltimore, Md.—Contracts for over 400 chemical fire extinguishers for public buildings has been awarded, at $5,000.

Mobile, Ala.—Contract for furnishing a piece of motor fire apparatus has been let to the American-La France Engine Co., at $12,722.

Martin’s Ferry, O.—Contracts for 700 feet of fire hose have been let. The Fabric Fire Hose Co. will furnish 500 feet and the Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co. will furnish 200 feet.

Dansville, N. Y.—Contract for furnishing a motor chemical engine has been let to the American-La France Fire Engine Co., at $1,500.

Mt. Pleasant, la.—Council has decided to purchase a 75-horsepower American-La France fire ladder and hose car, at $6,200.

Fort Worth, Tex.—Contract for furnishing motor pump has been let to the American-La France Fire Hose Co., at $10,500.

South Bend, lnd. — Bids for furnishing fire apparatus were received from the following: Reo Motor Car Co., Lansing, Mich.; Chicago Republic Co., Chicago; Seagrave Co., Columbus, O.; White Co., Cleveland, O.; American-LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Elmira, N. Y.

Hartford, Wis.—Contract for furnishing 500 ft. fire hose has been let tothe Manhattan Rubber Mfg. Co. Seven bids were received.

New Castle, Pa. — Contracts for fire hose have been let as follows: For 1,200 ft. to the Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co.; for 500 ft. (diff. brand), to Eureka Fire Hose. Co.


Nashville, Tenn. — Several hundred water meters are proposed to be purchased as soon as possible. Address Supt. P. W. Treanor.

Hazelton, Pa.—About ten new fire plugs are needed. Address Fire Committee, City Council.

Atlanta, Ga.—$500,000 bonds are proposed for water works improvements. Two pumps will be bought.

Sulphur, Okla.—Water bonds are reported voted.

Orlando, Fla.—Plans are prepared for enlarging water system, to cost $600,000.

Duluth, Minn.—Appropriations are provided for purchase of mains, meters, pipes and fittings.

Burlington, la.—Citzens Water Co. is ordered to extend mains.

Palmer, la.—Efforts will be made by Fire District No. 1 to secure adequate water supply.

Dubuque, la.—Water supply will be increased and machinery purchased. Address Supt. Philip Schwinn.

Montreal, Que.—City Engineer Mercies urges that another conduit be built and aqueduct finished for increasing water supply. Fire Chief Tremblay recommends that a highpressure main be laid on two streets.

North Vancouver, B. C.—City council expects to install a $50,000 filtration plant.

Ojibway, Ont.—Canadian Steel Corp. will install a water works plant this spring. Plant will have a 7,000,000gallon capacty.

Cambridge, Mass.—-The subject of installing a filtration plant has been discussed.

Bingham, Utah—Town is still seeking a pure water supply source.

Connersville, lnd.—Water service for the east side is urged.

Columbia, S. C.—Water works will be enlarged. Additional sedimentation basin will be bult.

Brighton, la.—Town may install water system this summer.

Martinez, Cal.—Plans for water system include pumping plant reservoir and distributing system; $178,000 bonds have been voted for same.

Plymouth, lnd.—City expects to install water works system yvibh new wells and pumps. Address Water Works Supt. A. R. Underwood.

Linn Grove, la.—$5,000 for extending water system has been voted.

Sulphur, Okla.—$25,000 bonds for water works installation has been voted.

Sioux City, la.—City expects to install water plant at North Riverside, a 26-inch well at Lowell street and to extend mains.

Twin Falls, la.—Water works system will be improved at cost of about $375,000.

Winchester, Ky.—Water works system will be installed.

Myrtle Point, Ore.—A 1,CM),000-gallon concrete reservoir will be built.

Gloucester, N. J.—Installation of meters is proposed to be ordered.

Wewoka, Okla.—$90,000 will be spent for water extensions, filter plant and storage reservoir.

Martin’s Ferry. O.—Installaton of emergency pumps at water works plant is recommended. Address Supt. E. J. Lewis.

Princeton, I1L—City plans to install newboiler and turbine pump at water plant. Address Supt. Kernsburg.

Holly, Mich.—Town has purchased site for new elevated tank for water works.

Attica, N. Y.—$06,000 water bonds will be placed on sale.

Ridgefield, Wash.—Town has voted to purchase private water system and will connect same with city mains.

Sinking Spring, Pa.—Town burgess wants to have a municipal water system established.

Spring Valley, III.—Council has decided to operate the pumping plant with electricity. Meters may be installed.

Topeka, Kan.—City is having investigations made for a permanent water supply. Address Commissioner Frank Xewland.

Woodville, Mass.—Town needs additional water supply.

Stillwater, Okla.—City will vote on water extensions.

Enola, Pa.—Water company may install booster pump.

Ty Ty, Ga.—j. B. Hollingsworth, town clerk, would like prices on water main pipe.

Moline, Ill.-—City proposes to install two ohlorine machines.

Tucson, Ariz.—City decides to sell about 3,000 feet of 16-inch water main and about $4,000 worth of water works supplies. Address Supt. Smith, Water Works Department.

Chehalis, Wash.—It is proposed to join the gravity water works systems of the Twin Cities by an 8inch main.

Wooster, O.—Plans for new water system are prepared. Address Service Director Harry Miller.

Roosevelt, Utah—$25,000 will be spent on improving water system. Water will be piped four miles.

Hagerstown, Md.—City will purchase plant of the Washington County Water Co.

East Chicago, Ill.—It is reported that bids will be received soon for construction of a filtration plant for the East Chicago and Indian Harbor Water Co., at cost of $89,* 000.

Bayonne, N. J.—City commissioners will consider securing additional water supply from the N. Y. and East Jersey Water Co. Purchase and extension of the plant is suggested.

New Bedford, Mass. — Citizens of Freetown want main extension from this city.

Phoebus, Va.—Town is considering installing purification plant.

Penticton, B. C.—Water system improvements to cost $20,000 are planned.

Crosby, Minn.—City votes February 18 on $76,000 bonds for water plant and extensions.

Jeffersonville, Ga.—Water system is planned, for which bond election will be held.

Bloomfield, N. J. — An independent water supply may be secured and survey will probably be made. Wells may be drilled. Address Borough Council.

Montreal, Que., Can.—Building of a new pumping station is advocated.

Greenfield, Mass.—Installation of meters is being discussed.

Glen Ridge, N. J. — New source of water supply is sought; driven wells are favored.

St. Paul, Minn.—Bond issue of $300,000 for water works will be sold February 20.

Crosby, Minn.—City will vote on purchase of water plant and making extensions. Address City Clerk H. L. Nicholson.

Salem, O.—It is stated that 700 meters will be installed. New filter beds will likely be reconstructed.

Hudson, N. Y.—Citizens are petitioning for meters.

Portsmouth, Va. — Engineer’s report recommends that meters be installed in proposed operation of municipal water plant. Address General Manager Bates.

Ravenna. O.—Council plans to complete water works improvements.

Britton. S. D. — Council will have 50,000-gallon standpipe and 50,000gallon reservoir built.

Lynn, Mass.—Installation of meters is under consideration.

Salem. Mass.—Recommendations for water supply improvement include installing a pump and pipe line.

Bordentown, N. J.—City commissioners decide to extend main and make valve improvements.

Evans City, Pa.—City proposes to have addition to filtration plant.

Greenwood, Miss.—Turbine and centrifugal pumps will be installed at water plant. Address Manager R. Scott.

Brockville. Ont., Canada—Water system will be extended at cost of about $13,000.

Brawley, Cal.—$80,000 bonds have voted to improve water works. Address North End Water Co.

Myrtle Point, Ore.—A 1,900,000-gallon concrete reservoir will be built.

Northfield, Minn.—City will install pump and motor at pumping station. Address Clerk R. H. Moses.

Monrovia, Cal.—$30,000 bonds will be voted to improve water system.

Smithville, Minn.—City will have mains extended.


Beresford, S. D.—Bids will be received by the city until March 11 for installing a water works system, at $25,000.

Carthage. S. D.—It is stated that bids will be received this spring for furnishing steel water tower tank of 50,000 gallons’ capacity.

Hartford, S. D.—Bids will be received by Town Clerk G. H. Mahl until March 35 for drilling a well with 8-inch casing.

Albany, N. Y.—Bids will be received by the State Hospital Commission until March 6 for making additions and alterations to the water system in Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., to cost about $40,000.

Grand Rapids, Mich.—It is stated that bids will be received for building 300,000-gallon reservoir.

Rush City, Minn.—Bids will be received soon for installing water water system, to cost nearly $12,000.

New Salem, N. D.—Bids will be received soon for installing water system.

Burlington, N. J.—Bids will be received by George A. Allinson, supt., water dept., until S p. m., March 8, for furnishing materials and labor required to install, one 2,000,000-gallon engine-driven centrifugal pumping unit. Specifications and further information of office of the supt.

Pratt, Kan.—-Bids wili be received by the city (W. O. Humphrey, mayor) until 7.30 p. m., March 21, for following equipment in the pumping station of the city water works: One 150-horsepower tube boiler for 375 pounds’ pressure with accessories, one concrete chimney, addition to boiler room. Plans and specifications at office of city clerk.

Minneapolis, Minn.—Bids will be received by City Purchasing Agent K. E. Alexander until 3 p. m., March 7, for furnishing for filterstion plant about 30 tons special castings and 340 tons cast iron pipe. Specifications for same on file in office of purchasing agent. Checks for $300 (castings) and $1,000 (cast iron pipe) required.

Ft. Sill, Okla.—Bids will be received at the office of the quartermaster, Ft. Sill, until April 5, for installing 12,000 feet cast iron pipe, hydrants, valves, etc. Plans and specifications at office of quartermaster.


Marquette, Mich.—Contract for installing chlorinating plant at Soo pumping station has been let to the Wallace & Tiernan Co., of Chicago, at $1,070.

Norfolk. Va.—Bids for furnishing 4inch meters have been received _at prices ranging from $300 to $175. They were referred to the city engineer.

Tipton, Kan.—Contract for installing water works system has been let to E. H. Everett, Hutchinson, at $20,000.

Boston. Mass. — Bids were received for furnishing 250 pounds iron castings for the water works dept, from Central Foundry Co., New York, at SO.ftiUSS per pound, and from the 1-ansdale Foundry Co., Lansdale, Pa., at $0.0518.

Atlantic, la. — Contract for water storage basin and 12-inch well, 150 feet deep, has been let to E. C. Archibald, Council Bluffs.

Ft. Scott, Kan.—Contract for drilling deep well has been let to F. E. Brandeberry, at $5 per foot.

Delano, Cal.—Contract for drilling 12 to 16-inch wells has been let to L. E. Prestage, Porterville, at about $40,000.

Hartford, Wis. -Bids for installing a deep well motor pump and making connections with mains have been received from Kissel Bros., Hartford, at $5,025, and from J. W. Mildred, St. Paul, at $5,995.

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.—Bids for furnishing $900 worth of fire hose have been received from the following: Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co., C. C. C. Fire Hose Co., Eastern l’enn. Supply Co., Fabric Fire Hose Co., -ewis & Bennett Hardware Co., N. J. Car Springs & Rubber Co., N. V. Belting & Packing Co., Penn. Supply K: Equipment Co.. Pyrene Mfg. Co. and The Charles B. Scott Co., Scranton. Pa.

Portland. O.—Contract for installing pipe line for district No. 4 has been let to Morris & Miller, at $3,915.

Waitsburg, Wash.Contract for installing water system has been let to G. 11. Sutherland, Walla Walla, at $34,577.

Ft. Worth, Tex.—Bids for enlarging filter plant were received from Pittsburgh Filter Mfg. Co. and the N. Y. Continental Jewel Filtration Co. Contract was let to the former, at $67,300.

Marvell, Ark.—Contract for installing tower, tank, cast iron pipe, deep well and pump has been let to the U. S. .Sanitary Septic Tank Co., Memphis, Tenn.

Falls City, Neb.—Bids will be received by City Clerk until March 4 for furnishing the following: One 750-gal. pump with motor and one 16-in. 22×36-in. cross compound Corliss engine; one 16-in. 24×36-ft. cross compound Corliss engine; one 225 K. V. A. about 2,800 volt cycle, 3-h. p. generator; one 450 K. V. A., about 2,300-volt 60-cycle 3-h. p. generator; surface condensers with auxiliaries; one 8-panel switchboard ; two 16 K. W., 6.6 ampere constant current transformers.

Lodi, N. J.—Bids for new pumping station were received from the following: Salvatore Guardalibeni, O’Neil & Cutley, A. V. Johnson & Co., Averill, Matthews & Co.; John Fox Sc Co., United State* Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co., Cyril C. John Sc Son Co., H. K. Corbin Co., Inc., and Di Napoli & Allen.

Pueblo. Colo.—Contract for building a 80.000,000-gallon reservoir was let to Walter Leslie, at $24,494.05. Other bidders were: C. S. Lamdis, Smith S: McDowell and P. C. (’roll.

Lincoln, Neb.—Bids for building reservoir have been received from Martin Construction Co., Lincoln, $14,790; Roberts Construction Co., Lincoln, $15,000; C. R. Gooden, Lincoln, $19,976; J. L. Mullen, Lincoln, $14,240. Contract wa* let to the last named.

Fort Worth, Tex.—Bids for addition to filter plant have been received from New York Continental Jewel Filter Co., at $97,000, and from the Pittsburgh Filter Mfg. Co., at $68,508. Contract was let to the latter

Dayton, O. Awards for contracts for meters have been recommended to be let as follows: The Buffalo Meter Co., $9,303.50: the Henry R. Worthington Co., $9,430, and the Pittsburgh Meter Co., $383.50. The entire contract calls for the purchasing of parts to cost $19,015.

Quincy, 111. Bids for building a 300,000-gallon elevated tank were received from the Chicago Budge ⅜⅝ Iron Co. and from the PittsburghDes Moines Steel Co. Bids were about $27,000 each, and were referred to consulting engineers.

Rochester, N. Y. Contract for furnishing delector meters was awarded to the Hershey Mfg. Co., at prices of from $120 to $600 each, according to size.

Lorain, O.—Contract for installing strainer system at filtration plant was let to the Pittsburgh Filter Mfg. Co., at $7,300.

Moline. Ill.—Bids for furnishing chlorinator was received from the Wallace & Tiernan Co., New York, at $635 for manual control machine and $1,860 for automatic machine.

Norfolk, Va.—Contract for furnishing two centrifugal pumps for pumping station has been let to R. D. Wood & Co., Philadelphia, at $5,550 each.

Franklin, Minn.—Contracts for installing water works system were let as follows: For laying mains and excavation, to Risberg & Warwick, at $28,119.50; for tanks, to C. A. Johnson, at $14,300; for electric pumps to the Worthington Pump & Madly. Co., at $4,890.

Crookston, Minn. — City will vote Feb. 20 on 1535,000 bonds for water works purchase

Sault Sainte Marie, Mich.—Contract for installing chlorinating plant has been let to Wallace & Tiernan Co., Chicago, at $1,070.

Brainerd, Minn.—Contract for furnishing two 1,000-gallon centrifugal umph for water department has ecn let to the Allis-Chalmcrs Co.

Geraldine, Mont.— Bids for improving water supply system and making extensions have been received as follows: Security Bridge Co., Billings, Mont., $15,940.55; Monarch Constr. Co., Bozeman, Mont., $17,6tf0.ll; F. E. Evans Const. Corp., Great Falls, Mont-, $16,410.22; 2-Miracle Const. Corp., Great Falls, Mont., $16,439.83; McLaughlin & O’Neil, Livingston, Mont., $18,981.90: Richard Sherwood, Great Falls, Mont., $25,847.70. Contract was let to the 2Miracle Concrete Corp.

Jersey City, N. J.—Five bids have been received for laying water pipe line under Hackensack River, as follows: O’Neill & Cutiey, $438,545; William J. Coughlin, $538,257.39; Stillman, Delehanty & Ferris, $620,438; C. S. Edwards, $704,147 50, and Connors Brothers Co., “cost plus Contract was let to first-named firm.

Allentown, Pa.—Contracts for water department supplies have been let as follows: For laying mains, to V. S. Hoch; for furnishing cast-iron pe and fittings, to Donaldson Iron o.; for alterations and additions to boiler house, to L. M. Kratz & Son, at $13,500; for furnishing corporation cocks, to H. Mueller Mfg. Co. ; for furnishing fire hydrants and street valves, to Rennsselaer Valve Co.

Tipton, Kan.—Contract for installing water system has been let to E. H. Everett, Hutchinson, at $20,000.

Toledo, O. — Contracts for $09,000 worth of water works supplies for 1918 have been let. Meters and chemicals were contracted for.

Brainerd, Minn.—Contract for two 1,000-gallon centrifugal pumps has been let to the Allis-Chalmers Co. at about $3,000.


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