Special Firemen’s Hospital Planned

Special Firemen’s Hospital Planned

Firemen of Philadelphia, Pa., and their families will have complete hospitalization, in fact the best ever attempted in this country, when the plan of Dr. Hubley R. Owen, chief surgeon of the Department of Public Safety materializes. The idea has the approval of Director Elliot. The wives and children of the firemen and policemen will be assured of the best medical attention and surgical treatment from the greatest experts in the city.

Under the plan which has been launched by the Bureau of Police and Fire, a welfare fund is established by each man voluntarily contributing one dollar a month for a year. It has been estimated that at the end of the first year there will be $65,000 on hand.

It is planned to eventually erect a special hospital in Philadelphia solely for the use of firemen, policemen and their families. Public subscriptions will be solicited and the hospital will be maintained partly through the welfare fund and partly by the city.

The following eminent physicians have been asked to serve on the advisory committee in addition to two officials selected from each of the two city bureaus: Dr. Ward Brinton, chief, tuberculosis dispensaries, state of Pennsylvania; Dr. J. Stewart Rodman, professor of surgery, Woman’s Medical College, and surgeon-in-chief Women’s Medical College Hospital; Dr. Joseph C. Doane, medical director Philadelphia General Hospital; Dr. Henry Mohler, medical director Jefferson Hospital; and Dr. Charles Russell, district police surgeon.

The fund has permitted free dental service and the services of two chiropodists. Nearly 1,600 persons have applied for dental work.

A special eight-bed ward has been assigned to them in the Philadelphia General Hospital and it is planned to increase this soon to a sixteen-bed ward and later to a thirty.

The men appreciate this proposed form of medical treatment. The men receive about $5.50 a day. With sickness in the family, the medical charges form a large drain on the income. Beds in the hospitals average about $.1 to $4.50 a day. At the present time, the men are receiving free medical treatment under Dr. Owen.

It is hoped that later a children’s clinic will he established at some hospital ami also one for the women.

The organizers hope to purchase a farm for convalescent patients within thirty miles of the city where those recovering from a major operation may receive treatment. The subscription response has been so generous that men receiving St,400 a year or less are exempt from contributing to the fund.

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