Greater Demand Than Ever for the Appliances That Are Needed to Assist Firemen in Their Work—Fire Schools and Colleges Have Taught Their Use and Shown the Great Advantages Their Employment Gives

WITH the advent of the Fire College and fire school the members of departments have been taught more than ever before the great and added advantages that the various tools made for their use give them in their never-ending fight with the fire demon. The names of these tools are legion. For every duty that a fireman is called upon to perform some appliance has been invented by an ingenious mind to make his task easier and if possible less hazardous.

This fact that various schools have eagerly taken advantage of, and in consequence the knowledge of the uses of these various devices has increased fourfold in the past year or so, for the members of the department were as ready” to recognize the advantages of the use of tools as were the schools to teach them.

The result of this has shown itself in the greatly added demand, which is still on the increase, for all manner of appliances that will tend not only to make the work of the men easier, but also render the fire fighting efficiency of the various departments one hundred per cent greater. There are now on the market many such devices, each designed to increase the ease with which to cope with some special situation in the battle with the flames, and each having a certain merit and advantage of its own in the particular use to which it is to be put. That these devices are appreciated the lively market for them testifies, and the fact that this is the case speaks well for the good sense, enterprise and determination to excel in efficiency of the departments of the country.

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